Volbeat – Rewind, Replay, Rebound (2019)


I love Volbeat!  Like, a lot.  I first became invested in them on 2013’s Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies, and after seeing them steal the show at Soundwave 2014, I became completely enamoured with them.

On their latest release, Rewind, Replay, Rebound, they give me more of exactly what I love about the band.  Superb vocals from Michael Poulson, catchy melodies, hard rock infused with rockabilly, huge guitar riffs and driving rhythms.  It’s the total package.

Opening with Last Day Under The Sun, Volbeat deliver a seemingly bleak lyrical content, but make it sound as upbeat and bright as possible.  This is power pop rock at its absolute best.  Huge sound, totally infectious – simply hard to ignore.

Pelvis On Fire is amazingly good.  It’s a fast paced punk rock meets rockabilly number, groovy and downright fun.  Again thoroughly infectious, and Poulson’s Elvis Presley inspired vocal lines are a thing of beauty.  This is an absolute highlight of the record.  Rewind the Exit has more of an epic feel, somewhat more of a scaled back track everywhere except within the guitar work, where it’s really given a boost.

Die to Live features a guest appearance from Clutch’s Neil Fallen.  The fact that he happens to be another of my favourite rock singers means that I’m predisposed to love this track.  In saying that, it IS a great song regardless.  It’s a rollicking good time, bolstered by some great honky tonk piano and it’s use of brass instruments.

When We Were Kids sees Volbeat enter a territory that borders on ballad.  I can see this being a decent centre-piece to their live set – complete with cigarette lighters in the air.  Sorry Sack of Bones has a surf rock feel to it, while Cloud 9 demonstrates Volbeat’s pop sensibilities – the use of vocal harmonies serves the song perfectly.  This band deserves to be a household name.

Exodus and Slayer axeman, Gary Holt, makes an appearance on Cheapside Sloggers.  It’s a track that is very much in line with the signature sound of Volbeat, but the blistering guitar solo gives it an extra boost.

Maybe I Believe is heavy on the bass, showcasing new member, Kaspar Boye Larsons talents, which is not a bad thing.  Elsewhere, it features a heartfelt vocal from Poulson, plus some excellent lead guitar from Caggiano.   Parasite is a short, 38 second blast of poppy punk rock, while Leviathan features stuttering guitar riffs, blistering lead guitar, exceptional rhythm and more of Michael Poulsen’s melodic vocals – another perfect demonstration of Volbeats signature sound.

The Awakening of Bonnie Parker really soars, The Everlasting sees Volbeat toying with heavy metal in the verses, before returning to huge catchy choruses, and to close out the album proper, (there is another 8 tracks worth of bonus material) 7:24 is a largely acoustic number, dipping a toe in the country music pond.  Southern tinged, but anchored by Poulsen’s voice which is anything but southern or country.

Rewind, Replay, Rebound is yet another very solid album from a band that HAS to be on the precipice of becoming one of the biggest hard rock acts in the world.  They are THAT good!


Review by Shayne McGowan

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