The Batman (2022)

So let me start by saying that I’m a big Batman fan.  Like, really big.  Entire wall of my garage covered in Bat memorabilia big.  A huge collection of Bat comics and DVDS big… you get the picture.

I also have to say, that I’ve read a lot of reviews for the brand new “The Batman” film, and they’re all very glowing.  It’s been incredibly well received.  

To me, as a Batman film, it was good.  Just good.  

As a thriller, it’s great. 

This film works it’s arse off to shed any camp from the titular character.  The Nolan trilogy and Afflecks versions of Batman were both somewhat grittier takes, but some of the over the top campiness did remain.  In The Batman, there is definitely no campiness, no humour, and no fun.  

This is a very dark take.  It’s a very gritty film, and has absolutely nothing in common with standard superhero movies.  

The Batman is a crime thriller first, and a Batman movie second.  If you’re a fan of films like Cape Fear, Seven or even Heat, this will be right up your alley, and why not? They are great films. 

Remove the Bat character, and this would be great… 

Pattinson is an ok Batman, but I hate his emo Bruce Wayne.  I’ll stick with Keaton, Bale and Batfleck as my Batmen. 

Zoe Kravitz is a good Catwoman.  Not as good as Pfeifer, but on par with Hathaway, and leaps and bounds ahead of Halle Berry. 

Paul Dano is great as The Riddler, but this is not The Riddler as you know him.  More of a psychotic serial killer.  The costume is kinda shit, but it’s a great take on the villain. 

Colin Farrel is an excellent Penguin, really focussing on the mob boss aspect of the character. 

Andy Serkis is a decent Alfred, and I’d be happy to see him in the role again.

Jeffery Wright makes for a pretty good Gordon, second only to Gary Oldman.  

Director, Matt Reeves, is nothing short of fantastic, and has delivered a visually stunning movie, even if it is all very dark.  

I don’t want to say too much more, or I might end up giving away too many spoilers, so I’ll just say, it’s a great thriller, just not a great Batman movie.  

I’ll stick with Nolan’s trilogy. 


Shayne McGowan. 


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