Dirty Brew – Writers Block/A Dollar Short (2022)

When I saw the title, I wondered if they had written this one because they have nothing to write about… It turns out that this is EXACTLY what happened!

Rolling forth was a rollicking start, but with a little more restraint than I have come to expect from these folks. It was like a warm up before the main event. My foot was tapping immediately and a big grin spread across my face.

This track had a slightly different feel to other Dirty Brew tracks. I loved the staccato nature, with some sections also being stripped back to percussion and bass as the anchors, with the other elements masterfully embellishing the mood. The catchy as fuck riffs remained, but there was an intriguing new nature to them.

The urgent nature of the vocals encapsulated my attention, before a wall of sound around the solo belied what had gone before – I told you that they were warming up to something big! The sound filled our house and a fake pot plant skittered off one of our speakers and fell to the floor. Everyone’s a critic…

I LOVE Dirty Brew, but this track added significant depth to this romance.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Dirty Brew – enjoy irresponsibly.


I don’t know about your beer fridge, but in mine there’s always about 20 brews, of all types and flavours. I just never know what I’m in the mood for… More on that later.

Right from the beginning, the hairs on the back of my everywhere stood to attention – welcome to the impact of Dirty Brew.

I know what to expect from these folks, but what always thrills me is the cleverness of their work – many times there were more layers than at the Sunny Queen Egg farm – so many levels of guitar interplay.

This may have been a song about me – and/or you – where we are a “day late and a dollar short” and “being a fucking dumbass, making the same mistakes”. This is one of the many allures of the music of Dirty Brew, as it puts to music what we go through on a daily basis.

I really enjoyed a section with a military style guitar. The solo then waded in and it almost set my headphones on fire. All through the track the integration of sound was remarkable.

The video was ridiculously appropriate – no frills, great fun and what you see is what you get.

Back to the beer fridge. Dirty Brew is like my fridge – when my soul needs a refreshment, these are my go-tos, as there’s a track that will fit the bill. “A Dollar Short” is no exception.


Greg Noble.

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