Thy Art is Murder – Human Target (2019)


Australian death-core heavyweights, Thy Art Is Murder, have returned with their latest offering, the gritty and relentlessly heavy, Human Target.

To be completely honest, this is a band that has never been on my radar, that is until I heard the first single from this collection.  Something about the title track grabbed my attention – it’s brutally heavy, but also manages to be catchy, at least to me.

Growly, indecipherable vocals are not something I generally enjoy, but CJ McMahon manages to change my mind to a degree.  New Gods is dense and anything but subtle, Death Squad Anthem is a full blown aural assault, but already the tracks are starting to blur together for me.

Make America Hate Again stands ahead of the pack.  The grizzly vocals are the same, but this track benefits from some guitar intricacies – even if they are buried in the production to a degree.  Eternal Suffering is dark and brooding in its opening, before delivering blistering riffs, and a decent breakdown that features some guttural growls.

Welcome Oblivion is another track that stands apart due to the work of guitarists Andy Marsh and Sean Delander.  Still buried in slightly muddy production though.  Atonement is more of the same.

Voyeurs into Death provides a highlight.  Chugging wall of sound guitars, soon give way to a cacophony of blackened death metal – it’s the first song to really excite me since the title track.  Eye For An Eye fails add anything new to the Thy Art pantheon, while Chemical Christ closes us out with a track that is infinitely more interesting – slow and brooding at times, fast as lightning at others, but still wallowing in the muddy production throughout.

I wanted to like this album, but between the production and the fact that most of the tracks just run together, I found it difficult to enjoy.  It’s definitely going to find its audience, maybe deathcore’s just not for me.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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