Sunday Sixx Pack

RHCP – Unlimited Love (2022)
Red Hot Chili Peppers have released Unlimited Love, their first album since John Frusciante rejoined the band on guitars.  “Black Summer” was the first single to drop, and it took a minute to grow on me.  Kiedis is doing weird things with his voice that confuse me..  The strong point of the entire record is the very welcome re-introduction of Johns exceptional guitar playing.  I don’t want to be too harsh, but that’s the only redeeming factor of this album.  It’s a difficult and long listen, and stylistically a mish mash.  This is not Blood Sugar Sex Magik or Californication by a long shot.  

Brandon Boyd – Echoes and Cocoons (2022)
Incubus frontman, Brandon Boyd releases his third solo album, Echoes and Cocoons.  It’s a very eclectic collection, which demonstrates the singers tastes and influences that might not necessarily make their way in to the Incubus pantheon.  This album ranges from gentle and atmospheric to funky and just about everything in between.  Boyd is a truly underrated vocalist, and there is something here for a wide range of listeners.  

Bryan Adams – So Happy it Hurts (2022)
With a long career under his belt, Bryan Adams has dropped his latest record, So Happy it Hurts – his seventeenth studio album as it happens.  This is an uplifting collection of songs, that rock harder than anything Adams has done in a long while, and will appeal to fans of any point of his career.  There are the radio friendly tracks that you might expect, but then there are heavy hitters like the awesome “Kick Ass”, which lives up to its title, and the sludgy but catchy riff of “I Ain’t Worth Shit Without You”.  Listen to this album, you won’t regret it.  

Xavier Rudd – Jan Juc Moon (2022)
The socially and environmentally conscious Xavier Rudd may often fly under the radar to most, but once you become engaged with his songwriting, and the indigenous flavours of his music, you’ll become a fan.  On his tenth studio album, Rudd doesn’t disappoint.  I’ve always found his music hypnotic, and relaxing, and Jan Juc Moon is no exception.  Often using his songs as a platform to raise awareness to the mistreatment of indigenous people, in an intelligent and insightful way, he is truly one of the best artists Australia has to offer currently.  

Weezer – SZNS:Spring (2022)
Weezer have been incredibly prolific in the last few years. It feels like we get a new record from Rivers Cuomo’s band every few months at the moment.  Unfortunately though, the quality of the output might be suffering from the frequency of releases.  Hard core Weezer fans will find plenty to like about SZNZ:Spring, but it won’t be for everybody, and while there are a few good moments, it’s ultimately not for me. 

Machine Gun Kelly – Mainstream Sellout (2022)
The “re-invention” of Machine Gun Kelly as a pop punk rock star has been nothing short of laughable from the outside looking in.  Now that I have actually taken a listen to his latest album, “Mainstream Sellout”, I can confirm that it’s equally laughable to listen to.  I apologise to my ears for subjecting them to this utter shit.  Avoid at all costs, and fuck MGK! 

Shayne McGowan.

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