PistonFist – Dig In (2022)

If you’ve ever been in – or, even better, owned – an amazing beast of a car, you’ll have experienced the way that it can tool along happily in traffic, it can thrill you on winding roads and then scare the absolute crap out of you when you unleash it properly. You know where I’m going with this, but, more on that later.

The track started with a vinyl record-like bit of static. This was superbly appropriate, for the work of these mammals is always gritty and tangible.

The video caught me by surprise in its shadowy nature. It’s like they’re jamming, but you never really see them together much. The shots are tightly framed on faces and instruments, giving an intimate power to the message and sound.

The sound of “Dig In” was robust as Hell, featuring a composed freneticism that ebbed and flowed. There was always a lot going on, but it wasn’t a miasma of mayhem, but a parade of powerful purpose.

Of significant note were also the taming of the vocals – the signature growl was there, but some more melodic vocals added power through their restraint.

A new PistonFist song is a BIG deal. On the surface, this a band, like a blown and injected Dodge Challenger is a car. The music of these folks gives unknown strength and power to the folks who engage with it – me included. Throughout the difficult times of recent years, this has been especially more obvious.

This track is continued the significant personal heritage of PistonFist – to encourage us to be resolute, to stand up, to raise ourselves, to give respect and to make the most of every moment.

Life is short – Dig In.


Greg Noble.

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