About Noise Pollution.


Noise Pollution is the brainchild of the creator, and former host of The Hard Rock Show, Shayne McGowan.  It began  as a simple blog page for Shayne to share his thoughts on the music he loves – from new and classic albums, live gigs, books and movies, or just simply write opinions on the current events in rock and metal.

In only a short  period of time, it became clear that Noise Pollution needed to grow, and with that, Rick and Greg joined the team to supply additional content.

The team is made up of extremely passionate, life long fans of rock and metal music – and movies in Ricks case – who strive to deliver insightful reviews on a consistent basis.

We strongly believe in and appreciate the depth of rock & roll and the musicians that create it.  Rock and metal are often overlooked, or written off by the mainstream, but musically and lyrically it can be some of the most intelligent music committed to tape..  Hopefully we honour that with our words, and expose you, the listener, to some artists that you may not have heard – after all, it’s YOU that makes it all worth while..

                               Meet the team!


Founder and head editor of Noise Pollution, Shayne McGowan, is first and foremost, a husband and father.

Shayne began his musical journey as the creator and co-host of Channel 31’s The Hard Rock Show.  From there he had a short stint on the Basement Apes television show, before turning his attention to writing.  First joining 100% Rock Magazine, and now following his own path to create Noise Pollution.

When not writing, Shayne can be found spending time with his family, or enjoying a few drinks while listening to an eclectic range of music.


Brisbane editor, Greg Noble, is married to a beautiful woman and father to two others.

His early musical tastes were an amalgam of AC/DC, Prince, Quiet Riot, Iron Maiden, Billy Idol, the B52s and The Angels. A departure into Marilyn Manson led to Rammstein, which led to other Euro metal bands like Eisbrecher, Megaherz, Gothminister and Stahlmann. His current musical passion is backing bands of south-east Queensland like Darkcell and New Clear Vision.

In his spare time, Greg is a primary school principal, a mountain biker, a hot rodder, a poet and believer that we can change the world, one act of kindness at a time.



Film editor, Rick Trewin, lives the bachelor life, splitting his time between locations in Dandenong, and regional Victoria.

Having grown up in the 80’s, Rick was raised on Spielberg films, citing Jaws as his favourite movie of all time.  As a pre-teen, he discovered horror films and never looked back, becoming near obsessed.  In this, the age of Netflix, Rick still holds possession of a massive VHS tape library.

When he’s not watching movies, Rick can often be found listening to metal at full volume with a bag of mother nature’s finest herbal refreshment, or traversing markets and swap meets as he adds to his huge horror memorabilia collection.



We also proudly work in partnership with the Rockers and Other Animals Magazine based out of Italy.   Created by Valeria Campagnale, Rockers and Other Animals was born out of a passion for hard rock music, and has its own long history of publishing.  

View the website here;


If you would like to join the Noise Pollution team, or you have a webzine/ website that you would like to affiliate with Noise Pollution, contact noisepollution5150@gmail.com

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