311 – Voyager (2019)


For over two decades, 311 have delivered a sound that combines elements of alternative, rock, reggae, hip hop, funk and occasionally metal.  It’s probably difficult to imagine all of these styles coming together without sounding muddled, but 311 have honed their craft over 13 studio albums and 4 eps.

From the opening moments of Crossfire, I’m hit with a massive blow of nostalgia.  Instantly transported back to my high school days, when  their huge hit “Down” was EVERYWHERE.  And the band have stayed true to the sounds that put them on the map.

Don’t You Worry is a much smoother affair.  Subdued vocals and tame melodies eventually give way to some pretty big riffs – it’s a pretty radio friendly track overall.  Stainless seems to follow suit in the mellow department, but soon we’re hit with a barrage of mammoth riffing, and some rapped vocals that are litters spat at us.

Space and Time is funky and interesting, and Dream State winds up feeling a little dull and boring by comparison.  Good Feeling lifts the mood quite a bit – conjuring visions of summertime, beaches and all round good vibes, while What The?! keeps the good vibes rolling, for another tune that will provide the soundtrack to many a good time.  The funky guitar solo towards the end is really cool too!

Better Space provides choppy guitar riffs, and if I’m being honest, the best vocals on the entire album from both singers.  For me, this is the highlight of the record.

Dodging Raindrops is heavy on the reggae, but also feels like folk rock – I keep thinking of artists like Jack Johnson and Ben Harper throughout the track.  Rolling Through is a big and bold number – immense riffs and great funky rhythm.

Born To Live features some awesome bass playing, I expected more from a track called Charge it Up and to finish the album Lucid Dreams is airy and atmospheric, but lacks the energy of previous tracks, although It does feature some pretty good lead guitar throughout song.

While Voyager is not going to blow anybody’s mind, it is very easy to listen to.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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