Capricorn – Soul Engine (2019)


Sweden band Capricorn, founded in 2015 makes its debut with the album “Soul Engine”, also sounds strange the word debut since Kristoffer Ekberg, vocalist and guitarist, Alexander Blom on drums and  Pontus Blom on bass, have also worked with the late THE HELLACOPTERS Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist.
“Soul Engine” is a good album, nine tracks in which Capricorn shows an intense hard rock sound with exquisitely sleaze veins of the latest generation.
It is these ‘subtleties’ that make the difference and if on the one hand the album itself is not a great novelty in terms of sound, it has to be said that listening to it you can find some interesting facets and of course the ability of the musicians themselves.
If the opener “Wild Heart Angels” manages to give us the initial shock with its catchy sound and catchy and the beautiful guitars, the following “(Fight) Another Day” is not less, indeed it is much richer and the impact is more marked thanks to a very good rhythm.
Same line for “She Loves The Thunder”, in which the band manages to be always above a musical level to which we are accustomed among the many new releases. In this track Capricorn also manage to fit a 70’s sound and I would say that “She Loves The Thunder” is one of the best tracks on the album.
Excellent also “This Time” that recalls vaguely Rose Tattoo, much softer the following “Solid Ground” that I must admit manages to have a very delicate atmosphere and very appreciable even by us like me does not particularly like ballads or semi ballads.
With “All Or Nothing”, Capricorn present a more classic hard rcok, very direct, with great solos and less influenced, succeeding in standing out among the songs proposed, while with the next “Wildfire” we add a melodic note, leaving aside for a while that typical rock aggressiveness that accompanies us throughout the album, another interesting track.
The penultimate track “Misfit Kid”, will be able to win you over even more for its musicality that oscillates between modern rock and seventies rock and in this song you can grasp many nuances, the same that manage to highlight the band among the many on the market, musical refinements to be enjoyed in more than just listening.
With “Desolation Times” the album closes, and it is the song itself that makes the difference, between a melodic sound and a touch of class that refines the style of the band.
“Soul Engine” is absolutely a very respectable album, an appreciable and very catchy work that manages to combine hard rock, punk splashes, and seventies influences, it’s a great album.

Review by Valeria Campagnale.

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