White Cowbell Oklahoma – Seven Seas of Sleaze (2019)


Legendary rock band White Cowbell Oklahoma mark their 20th year with the video ‘Harder Come, Harder Fall’ from the album “Seven Seas of Sleaze”, which was released April 3, 2018.  The trippy, high contrast video comes packed with groove and hints of whiskey-fueled southern rock n’ roll that has just enough grease to slide into the ears and hearts of fans around the world.

“Seven Seas of Sleaze” was released on the band’s own label Slick Monkey and has garnered attention from listeners far and wide and has shot the band to a position where they will be playing throughout Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands in the early summer of 2019.
Pieces with a sound influenced by a massive hard rock, velvetyly blues and with a warm imprint, seven tracks in which this band stands out for its ability to give an emotional shock to their music.

The beautiful track “Flapjack Flytrap”, as well as the other highlight of the album “Flush In The Pocket”, although actually seven tracks out of seven deserve much more than a listening to be transported to a southern hard rock where the guitars markedly fly high and in context, is an album of respect for this band that celebrates a musical activity of 20 years.

It has to be said, however, that White Cowbell Oklahoma are a live action band and that on record they slightly loose of the charm t they create on stage.
White Cowbell Oklahoma leave nothing to chance and nothing is lost in their performance and, undoubtedly with their own style are always confirmed among the best bands of this genre.

If you’ve never heard them do a mea culpa and do it immediately, whatever your musical tastes, because the sounds of the band vary between Deep Purple and Lynyrd Skynyrd, basically the basis of everything.

Review by Valeria Campagnale.

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