DevilsBridge – Endless Restless (2020)

DevilsBridge are a Swiss five piece modern melodic metal band, who promise to be the best Switzerland has to offer.  Do they live up to their own hype?  Let’s find out…

Opening with some incredibly fat bass guitar, and some gang vocal chanting, Devilsbridge’s debut EP grabbed me instantly.  The five piece band is fully focused around the vocals of Dani Nell.  Opening number, 555, is a perfect way to kickstart the EP, with its fast paced chugging riffs reminiscent of the best parts of Nu Metal.

Captain Devil continues in a similar vein.  It’s not as heavy, but some great guitar helps to elevate the vocal performance, which is already really strong.  The rhythms pound and pulsate throughout the song, and help to tie all of the elements together.  This is well crafted, and accessible metal.

At first, Endless Restless Heart seems like it’s going to take us in to a gentle ballad territory, but soon builds to become an anthemic tune with a main riff that is firmly rooted in thrash metal territory.  Massive choruses are the high point of this track, and it actually becomes the high point of the EP for me.

Fire Free up with a familiar riff, and utilises more of those gang vocals, while Centrifuge of Life is quite possibly the heaviest moment on offer.

To close out this 27 minute debut EP, 2Souls features another rumbling fat bass line, hypnotising guitars and some fantastic drums.  As usual though, the vocals are the focal point – and they are possibly at their best and most diverse on this song.  Sultry at times, powerful when the song requires it.  Fantastic stuff.

So do they live up to the aforementioned self hype?  Well, if their goal is to truly be the best Swiss melodic metal band, they are surely off to a great start.


Shayne McGowan.

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