H.E.A.T – Heat II (2020)

Heat II is the newest album by Swedish melodic hard rock band, H.E.A.T.  With a first listen to the first track, Rock Your Body, you may think it’s a cover of the Backstreet Boys classic Rock Your Body ( Backstreets Back) but no, H.E.A.T is back, so get to the front counter or stage to Rock Your Body, Heat style.

There’s a tiny similarity to Roxette’s Joyride with the synth, a touch of funky town in a couple rhythms and over all it’s a pretty good glam song with power. The start is like a wild fantasy, then the party begins with a chorus everyone will chant.

Dangerous Ground – well, this crosses the border from hard rock to a metal horizon. It makes you want to fly with that main THRASHING riff, solid grove and you’ll feel safe with this up loud.

Come Clean is up next, and this track takes a dirty turn, a contemporary dark wave turn. The intro riff is INDUSTRIAL, and then matters come clean with a vibrant stadium expression. So yes, the glam/power metal core is here, this could be H.E.A.T’s answer to the Final Countdown, let your hair out.

Next comes Victory, and if H.E.A.T hasn’t won your heart yet, you must be a lost soul. Oh, get in the car or on your bike, we have a song channelling Judas Priest’s Another Thing Coming. Yes, H.E.A.T has struck a win with this anthem.

We Are Gods (H.E.A.T do have a devilish charm) sounds like a bit of Aussie thunder struck H.E.A.T, this rock, just short of a ballad is a nice touch of pace. Things were IN YOUR FACE, so, we are half way to catch our breaths, so, ignite your lighters. Adrenaline kicks things straight into gear with its pulsating riff, direct focus pulling you forward, up and all round. It’s like a hit of caffeine.

One By One, well H.E.A.T has remained all together and their rich musicianship peaks at the right time. One by one is a song you can listen to by yourself or be with a good friend and take on the day or night; it’s like the opening theme of an Anime series, or a fighter’s entrance theme. IT’S ANOTHER ANTHEM!

Nothing To Say is a ballad, and Heaven Must Have Won An Angel, ( I’m sensing a concept here, We are gods, Victory, angles flock from heaven and, yeah, we got a concept, or coincidence) Ok, Heaven must of won an angel, it’s back to that solid rock with a metal edge and very clean melodies, it’s blissful and will bless you.

Under the Gun starts off like a gun fight, with that snare beat, then, OH MY, get ready to dance, this song sounds like a little Irish jig, with a tiny hint of John Farnham’s Playing To Win. Of course it’s all H.E.A.T, and each song has a unique sound, giving the album character, but it’s the little things one can pick up on.

Closing track, Rise – well matters have risen HIGH and fell to get you relaxed, Rise is on the border, it’s a fair rocker with great compositions, measurements and, well, have a drink if feeling low.

Heat II, well, the 1st follow up to the original is generally the best, and Heat II proves that, it has everything, lots of personality, you will hear many inspirations, influences, maybe different ones from what I heard. H.E.A.T know their art and have crafted a fine album, produced by them and may they continue with their great music, they can do any genre, as they fit many into one and it’s blended like a fine wine.



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