The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic (2020)

Formed in 2007, The Night Flight Orchestra are a Swedish melodic hard rock band.  Featuring musicians who are, or have been members of such heavy metal bands as Soilwork and Arch Enemy, you might be expecting something completely different to what The Night Flight Orchestra actually is – which is infectiously catchy rock, overflowing with melody.

On Aeromantic, their fifth album, the band continue to ignore the “rules” of traditional rock, blending elements of pop/disco music reminiscent of ABBA, with 70’s inspired classic rock sounds, and some glorious synth work.

I also have to touch on their work ethic.  This is the bands (I refuse to call them a side project) fourth record in five years, which is a tremendous output in this day and age.  Plus, it’s all great material – never have I heard a song by this band that is remotely “filler”.

Frontman, Björn Strid, is an exceptional singer, utilising a crooning style, with a massive amount of melody for good measure.  Coupled with the fantastic guitar solos throughout the album, and the brilliantly understated rhythm section, The Night Flight Orchestra really are offering something fresh and interesting – and something that hooked me from the first time I heard the band.

From the mechanical opening of Servants of the Air, to the climax of closing track Dead of Winter, I was completely disinterested in everything around me, except for this album.  It is such a wonderful and joyous listening experience.

At such a bleak time in the world, Arromantic could be just what you need to lift your spirits.


Shayne McGowan.

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