The Lost Knights with Beckon Fire and All Hours, Wooly Mammoth, Brisbane, 7/3/20

Last night I made the trip to Fortitude Valley, Brisbane to check out some of the local talent and enjoy a childfree night with the other half.
The atmosphere for the evening was relaxed and we enjoyed a laid back beverage before making our way upstairs at the Woolly Mammoth to see what the host venue had to offer.
The setting upstairs was a low lit room with booths, bar, merch stand, dance floor and of course the stage. The low lighting and the intimate space really set the mood.
Opening the night was local Brissy band “All Hours” and boy what a treat these guys were. I almost sat there like a stunned mullet when the lead vocalist opened her mouth. Dani was an absolute surprise packet, one would not imagine the sound that came out of her by just looking at her (which leads us back to the old saying don’t judge a book by its cover). The growl was intense but wicked and the softened singing voice she could also pull off showed fantastic versatility.
They did a brilliant rocky cover of Amy Shark’s “I Said Hi”, which I really loved.  I would love to see these guys again their  whole  set was amazing and left you wanting more. Certainly a great way to start a gig.
After some time changing gear etc, the second band for the night “Beckon Fire” came on. Again i was flawed by such utter raw talent. Their stage presence, energy and style were second to none, utter brilliance. Anybody that can cover Post Malone and not kill it for me as well as cover Nsync’s Bye Bye Bye and turn it into a half decent rock song are legends in my eyes. When’s your next gig lads? I will try and be there..
After Beckon Fire’s set was complete and a short intermission it was time for the main act, The Lost Knights.
They opened their set strong with good energy and talent to boot. By the third song, lead singer Terry joined the people on the dance floor to sing which I thought was awesome and a great way to engage and interact with the crowd.
Every member of the band held their own but i must note the guitarist/ second vocalist Jesse (who just happens to be the leads cousin), has an exceptional voice and I’m glad he got to showcase his talents also. Drummer, Daniel, is another talent worth the extra note, his energy was extraordinary. Infact his lone performance he did was phenomenal, it was work he did with another artist, but it hads its place and deserved to be put on show, great addition to the set.
After being energized by the drum show however they scaled things right back to just Terry and Jesse with some raw emotional tracks and a lonely guitar. This showcased both their vocal abilities.
Other than their new release “smile” was the best track of the night, it was just wow..
The last track of the night and the main reason everyone came, the launch of “Someone”. It was certainly a stand out and oozed energy. I would even be so bold as to say Brisbane’s version of Bring Me the Horizon of sorts.
There were only 2 faults to the whole evening.
Number one being the absolute massacre of a cover that The Lost Knights did of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus song face down. Honestly stick to your original music lads and you will go far.  Remember the golden rules to covering a song, you either need to make it your own, improve it or equal it and that was an epic fail on all accounts.
Secondly for all the 3 bands the volume ratio was far too high for such a small inclosed space and a minimalist crowd it could of been half volume and it would of been plenty.
But this is just small stuff in the greater scheme of things. And everyone did a marvelous job. Great way to spend a Saturday night.

All 3 bands have music on Spotify and YouTube, and I believe all have featured in triple J’s unearthed, so do your eardrums a favour and check them out i promise you won’t be disappointed.
Steph Suter-James.

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