Smoking Tomatoes -Make The Choice (2019)






Rumble Party

Smoking Tomatoes


Lead Voice/Guitar: Damiano Fabiani

Lead Guitar: Serpio

Bass Guitar: Igor Meo

Drums: Seppia RP12

Italian band Smoking Tomatoes is a Roman group officially born in 2013.

Composing something original, however, has become a real need and the four members, after several experiments, have come to the current musical proposal: a modern Hard Rock inspired by the ’80s contaminated by strong funk colors.

The themes dealt with in the lyrics are extrapolated fromm the experiences of everyday reality and are often written in a critical, ironic, satirical and self-ironic way.

The EP “Make the Choice”, on digital platforms, contains five tracks in, in which the band has presents a good hard rock sound with metal and funk sounds, basically imprint on 80’s and 90’s styles.

It’s just this mix of genres that the band energized the whole work, giving us a very particular all-Italian pride; I will repeat it endlessly, our bands, most of them at least, have absolutely nothing to envy to foreign ones.

“Holidays”, the first track is a classic piece with an enthusiastic mood but, its with the following  “Hypnovision” that the band transmits the stylish sound which is the effective driving force behind this EP, good rhythm with excellent bass line and a powerful drumming.

Another excellent bass, that of Igor Meo, in the quieter “Misanthropy” where the funk takes the windward and the voice of Damiano Fabiani is more interesting.

Good hard rock mood for “Rumble Party”, in which hard rock meet a funky style, I can say that this genre is well intertwined with the rock style and is a ‘mark’ of Smoking Tomatoes; good the talking guitars of Damiano and Serpio.

“Smoking Tomatoes”, the track who closes this work, it’s a genuine piece, pure rock style, never forgetting the funky mood.

If I had to make a comparison with a high-sounding band, I would say that the only band that can approach the Smocking Tomatoes style is Red Hot Chili Peppers, just to give you an idea of what the sound of this band might be like.

Great sound, great tracks for this EP, waiting for a full-length, we can enjoy these five tracks.

Review by Valeria Campagnale.

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