Secret Obsession (2019)


2019(M) 1hr 37mins

A Peter Sullivan directed film ‘Secret Obsession’ is a Drama/Thriller based on a young lady who after being attacked ends up with amnesia.

In spite of having a relatively unknown cast ( Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, Dennis Haysbert and Daniel Booko) they all played their respective rolls well.

Back to the story, The loving husband of the young Woman who was attacked cares for her until she is well enough to go home. He takes her home and they seem to be trying to get back to living a normal life. However, everything isn’t as it seems and the danger is far from over. Between the lies, deception and a cop who doesn’t give up.

Great plot twists that dive deeper and deeper and more intense it will keep you guessing and raise your heartrate as any decent thriller should.

Will it end well or will it not? That’s the suspense I leave for you.

If your into a good thriller movie then this one is a must..

Enjoyed it greatly.


Review by Steph Suter-James

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