Saint Karloff – Interstellar Voodoo (2019)


You can catch the one-way trip through the astrophysical world on October 4th. With this experimental single-track album from Saint Karloff, lasting about 40 minutes of cruising among these out-of-this-planet metal pieces, the band produced an amplified, full-bodied safari.

It consisted of only one metamorphic song, which at first felt like you were being dragged into some sort of unknown. Soon was divided into different sections, but not meant to be listened to by parts but by the whole track as one. It was like a number of multiple, assorted acts spoken in a musical language. The instruments changes from being mellow in speed, to a hypertensive guitarwork which persistently abuses the whammy bar.

The drums were progressive throughout all phases, as if going door to door with a varied tempo. At one time, there would be a lingering sustain of tinny guitar riffs eventually changing into clean refrains of electric, bringing in some nostalgia as it goes. There would be occasional splashes of drum cymbals in between and high-class solos.

The whole project is like a playlist, where you could witness the instruments taking a form and produces this place alien to you. Other than their main metal genre, the band would shift into an ethnic-sounding, almost jazzy improvisation. Adding hand percussions and some with a tin-can timbres. The guitar would evolve into an organ-like effect. Taking turns in presenting these newer forms, it was as if they had strayed for a while during their sails, only to circle back to their original idea. The album ended with a steady, breathable encore, containing little hints of outerspace effects as they roll the credits.

All in all, Interstellar Karloff was a change, an abnormality in the wavelength of air. A miscellany meant to be wallowed in one sitting. Transporting you in and out of this planet through their guttural tones and crunchy scales.


Review by Estefan Malgret.

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