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At Noise Pollution, we always strive to bring you as many reviews as possible, but it’s a struggle to get to every thing that comes out.  Between family, work and other activities, sometimes it’s impossible to find the time to write. 

Here are some mini reviews for a selection of recent releases that have been forming the soundtrack to my day to day life.  

Dirty Honey – Dirty Honey (2021)

Excellent debut full length from the Los Angeles based quartet.  Put aside all of the genre definitions that you might see associated with the band, this is just great solid rock n roll.  The band have a knack for delivering catchy, groove laden tunes with a nod to the blues, and it’s all so well put together with their youthful energy, that it’s simply impossible to ignore.  For highlights, go no further than opening track “California Dreaming’” or “No Warning”.  


Minefield – Minefield (2021)

Another cracking debut album here, and once again, forget all of that “new wave of..” nonsense, this is just good rock n roll, the way it should be.  There’s plenty of swagger on show with this newly formed band featuring Todd Kerns.  It’s loud, it’s bold, but most importantly, it’s fucking great.  The lead single, “Alone Together” is strong, but I think the band really comes alive on deeper album cuts such as “All American Man” and closing number “Day By Day”.  


The Black Keys – Delta Kream (2021)

There are some incredibly tasty blues licks on this covers record.  It also has a very DIY feel as far as production and recording go, which suits the spirit of the tunes.  If anybody is looking for a carbon copy of “Gold on the Ceiling”, turn away now, because you’re in the wrong place – and with this being The Black Keys tenth studio album, they’ve well and truly earned the right to do as they please.  I can’t go further than their take on “Poor Boy A Long Way From Home” as a highlight. 


The Datsuns – Eye to Eye (2021)

New Zealand rockers, The Datsuns, are back with their seventh full length album, and it’s high energy from the get go.  “Dehumanise” has a Motörhead like buzzsaw riff with some very punk rock style vocals.  Elsewhere theres organs in play, which makes for some very intriguing moments, but it all works exceptionally well.  Energetic, catchy, and ballsy – all the hallmarks of a release from this band.  “Bite My Tongue” is the records best moment, and I look forward to hearing it live, while swilling and spilling beer in a crowded venue sometime soon! 


Pop Evil – Versatile (2021)

It’s hard to believe that Pop Evil are now six albums in to their career, but here we are.   Versatile is a very upbeat record, brimming with positivity and good vibes, amid massive riffs and fist pumping moments.  Written before the pandemic struck, these positive anthems are quite possibly just what everybody needs at the moment.  This is easily a career best album for the Michigan based crew, with the gentler moments of “Inferno” and storming first single “Let The Chaos Reign” being the strongest moments. 


Myles Kennedy – The Ides Of March (2021)

Can we go so far as to call Myles Kennedy the voice of rock these days?  It might be a bold statement, but I’ll run with it.  We are talking about the vocalist for Alter Bridge, Slash and the Conspirators and a pretty successful solo endeavour after all.  The beautiful thing about that, is that even though he fronts three projects, the quality is always of the highest level.   On this, his second solo record, Myles cements what we already know – he’s incredibly versatile.  Swirling melodies, gentle harmonies, and hitting all the high notes.  He’s also a very handy lyricist, spinning tales on The Ides of March.  An absolutely epic album, that should be heard by all fans of rock, and quality music alike.  


-Shayne McGowan. 

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