Diamond Construct – DCX2 (2020)

Close to two years ago, Noise Pollution featured a review of Diamond Construct’s “Self Titled” Ep, and it was not a flattering review at that.  The reviewer (who quit Noise Pollution in a huff, shortly after said review) wrote the band off as too “screamy and sweary”.  

I made the mistake of paying too much attention to that review, and ignoring this band until now, and for that, Diamond Construct, I am very sorry.  

Less sorry for you though, and more sorry for myself, because this new EP is an absolute beast!  

DCX2 is the name of this fourteen minute long release, and it’s nothing short of killer, from start to finish.  

As the four track set opens with “Generic”, it becomes instantly clear that this music will be the exact opposite of this songs title.  Interesting sounds and effects are used to open the track, coupled with some absolutely throat shredding vocals.  Then the riffs come in, and there’s a level of intensity, that carries through until the conclusion of the EP.  

There is a lot of different styles coming together within Diamond Constructs overall sound – hardcore, metalcore, nu metal and even a touch of dubstep – the band pull from all of these elements and craft a style that is unique, and simply could not be placed in one genre.  

On “Enigma” the band really steps it up.  The intensity remains, but the introduction of some clean vocals really adds a new layer to the sound.  This is a fantastic track, and the highlight of the EP for me.  

“Psychosis” is fittingly frantic.  The heavy passages are really strong, but even in the quieter moments of the song, there’s a heaviness that’s rooted in the unsettling nature of the music.  The heavy breathing all throughout this track really adds to the panic attack feel of the overall work.  It’s great stuff, and very well put together. 

The closer, “Scythe” is a great way to finish off.  There are almost spoken word pieces that build to mammoth choruses of pulverising music and more throat shredding vocals.  And then, just like that, it’s all over – fourteen minutes of intensity comes to a close, and I’m left feeling like I’ve just ran a marathon.  

This EP really sucked me in and took me for a ride.  It is very unique music, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Once again, Diamond Construct, sorry for not getting on board sooner. 


Shayne McGowan. 

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