Skull Koraptor – Chaos Station (2020)

If you want to get a crushing thrash metal album for this month, well grab Skull Koraptor’s debut “Chaos Station”. You will definitely not regret your time and money.

In a little more than half an hour the power trio from Greece gives some free lessons on how thrash should be played. I have always loved power trios, but this one is tight as a rope on your neck!
The fact they were chosen to open the Sodom live in Athens, Greece, speaks for itself.

Well, being active since 2011 and having released only an EP on 2014, the thrashers decided to unleash a hellish attack that will blow your head off. I am not sure where all this inspiration actually came from. I am unsure if the songs on “Chaos Station” were on the works for 6 bloody years or not. However, I am sure I enjoyed the album a hell lot!

The basic ingredient of Skull Koraptor is riffs that pay tribute to the roots of thrash metal bands like Overkill, Megadeth and Metallica but also their German comtemporaries Kreator and Sodom. The band doesn’t sound like a copy cut of any of these bands. They’re just their influences. And that’s logical. In their songs they add personal playing characteristics and this is what really captured me.

Despite the thrash attack, Skull Koraptor also maintain melody. “Chaos Station” is not just an aggressive thrash album. You will listen in it to great thrash songwriting. “Next Station” and “Voices of Despair” are songs that are not written everyday.

All thrash fans will have a great time listening to the CD. So, you better support Skull Koraptor or be thrashed!

Valeria Campagnale.

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