The Love Bites, Mr Boogie Man Bar, 14/2/20


The Love Bitez are a gypsy funk/jazz trio from the Mornington Peninsula.

They serenaded Mr Boogie Man Bar last night with their sweet kiss for Valentine’s Day. If you had been feeling cold, The Love Bitez will warm you up, as if the day wasn’t enough but all whom attended managed and were treated with the romantic side of music.
This glamorous band is the classiest trio, they also make sure to have fun with their songs. Dressed in red, The Love Bitez blossomed on stage. Cha Cha rocked the double bass and her voice… ABSOLUTELY amazing, rich and soulful, her range is exquisite. Miss M’s drumming is effective, she knows how to explore the kit and provide a number of cool beats and sharp fills. Simiana sung a couple of songs and played a range of instruments, guitar, keyboard and a box guitar. A gifted individual.
The music is diverse, from Jazz, Funk, Lounge; it’s a competent mix of contemporary styles, well blended with a swinging hook. There was also some great covers, the band made them their own. The Love Bitez clenches your heart and the members have a really good sense of humour. Their personalities are positive and that mixed with the music and entertaining stage presences, make them a beautiful band. The Love Bitez featured Jade, a multi instrumentalist with a very fine voice and energetic stage persona.
The whole show had people dancing, and the band brought the laughs with a few puns about Valentine’s day, keeping hydrated and overall the love was spread over The Mr Boogie Man Bar on Friday night.”
The band has a show at the Rosebud hotel on the 28th of this month.  Check out the event page here;

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