Stone Sour – Hello You Bastards (2020)


Since 2002, Stone Sour have released six studio albums, three EPS, and a digital only live album.  Now, with a pretty deep catalogue to draw from, the bands live sets are arguably better than ever (speaking from the experience of seeing them in their early days, and on the recent Hydrograd tour)so the timing is perfect for the release of their first official live album.

The track list is damn near perfect;

1. Ysif

2. Taipei Person/Allah Tea

3. Do Me a Favor

4. Knievel Has Landed

5. Whiplash Pants

6. Absolute Zero

7. Bother

8. Tired

9.Rose Red Violent Blue

10. 30/30-150

11. Get Inside

12. Reborn

13. Song #3

14. Through Glass

15. Made of Scars

16. Fabuless

From the moment that the instrumental, YSIF fires up, this album does a tremendous job of capturing Stone Sours live show.  From the energy of the band itself, to the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd, it’s all here for the world to listen to.

The best part is that what you hear on record is an accurate depiction of the live set – no studio polish or trickery was added to make the record “better” – at least, that’s the word from the band themselves, and I tend to believe it.

If you haven’t seen the band live, grab this and check it out, even if you have been lucky enough to witness Stone Sour in the flesh, grab a copy and relive a great set from a great band.


Shayne McGowan.

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