North of South – The Dogma and the Outsider (2019)

The past week has been flat stick I tell you. It was nice to finally sit down, take a load off and listen to some good music. One band that I got to check out was North of South a progressive/latin/fusion  band and their latest EP The Dogma and the Outsider.
North of South was quite the surprise, I admit I was not sure what to expect from the Spanish group but I really enjoyed them and their latest offering. Despite being both in Spanish and English.
The breakdown:-
1. Ember Remains kicks off the EP with catchy guitar riffs and a nice rocky vocal that Leeds to a very respectable growl. Chuck in a good guitar solo and the surprising addition of classic Spanish guitar and you have a fantastic introduction. This track is mostly in Spanish.
2. Spanish momento has a lovely Spanish guitar intro followed by heavish rock guitar. This particular track was a music only song but it was very pleasant and deserved it’s place on the EP.
3. We refused to hear them (it’s our song), wow what a mouthful that title is hahaha. The guitar notes were heavy in sound and the vocal was mostly not in English but parts were. The addition of the female vocal on this track was great. I really enjoyed this track a great deal.
4. Thicker than Progress Water the halfway mark through the EP. The opening sound reminded me of friends sitting around the fire beating on drums by hand. But soon after the solid riffs and anthem like Spanish vocal follows.
5. Against Oblivian was fast paced, driving, I enjoyed this sound alot. Less harsh vocal though and still their native tongues for the most part.
6. On Unexpected Shores it’s intro sounded a heck of alot like the classic House of the Rising Sun but with the addition of piano/keyboard. Was another fully musical track and I did wonder if it was just going to be a knock off track but the sound changed halfway through.
7. Hyperballad was that, a Ballard of sorts. Well at least to begin with before turning into a metal version but not overly heavy.
8. Englishman In New York was again a heavier sound. Being the last track off The Dogma and the Outsider I believe they saved the best for last. Was definitely my favourite. The vocal was perfection with it’s droaning female sound.
Steph Suter-James.

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