Introducing… High Moonlight


What does the band name mean to you?

I have always enjoyed mystical, magical, supernatural and related things. That was precisely what I wanted to address in my lyrics. And the moon is a very mystical symbol, both for wizards, enchanted beings, wolves and Lycans, so I chose it as the name of my band and added the word “High” to magnify it even more. High Moonlight is a tribute to this historical and mysterious symbol that is the moon and all the mystical beings that exist or existed and are part of our history.

Where is the band based?

I’ve always heard a lot of Dio, Uriah Heep and Rainbow … If you listen to my songs you may notice a little of these influences but that doesn’t mean that our compositions are not authentic, quite the contrary, besides being authentic, she is very creative and interesting. hear yourself.

How long have you been together?

The band was formed in the early 2000s, but from that time to the present day we have undergone a lot of reformulations, we even took a break from the band. We came back stronger and more determined from the year 2016 when we recorded our first official participation in a heavy metal compilation and we are performing until today.

What style of music do you play?

Heavy Metal and… The main feature of High Moonlight is its authentic, punctual, striking and creative guitar Riffs (something that most bands have left a bit aside these days). Joining to this are beautiful vocal melodies (and with weight) and very inspired soils, done! Here is the formula that composes and defines the sound of the band, with no obligation at all for the great bands of the metal genre worldwide.

The lyrics address conspiratorial issues (aliens, occult government, existentialism), epic or intergalactic battles, and sometimes themes of contemporary pop culture as superheroes.

 Give us the story of the bands formation.

Like most bands we start playing songs from other groups. We played a lot of Black Sabbath, Judas, AC / DC among others, everything was just for fun but over time I started to get interested in music and started to take things more seriously.

It was then that I started composing my own songs and I’ve been working on them over the years. The band already had many formations but the identity of her I always tried to preserve. We started in 2000 and I am the only original member from the start. Besides me, they are also part of High Moonlight, Cris dos Anjos (vocal) and Roberto Veck (base guitar) and me Robert Wagner (guitar lead)

Tell us about your influences.

Some of my main influences are classical bands like: Dio, Rainbow, Sabbath, Priest. But in addition I also often listen to a lot of oriental and classical music

Tell us about your latest release.

We are very busy for the launch of our first digital EP. It will be released by Roadie Metal label and will feature 3 or 4 songs. I believe it will be released in the next month (August or September), I’m not sure yet as I need to get some details right.

We released two single and they can be checked on YouTube, just search our channel (High Moonlight offficial band).

Where is your music available?

Anyone who wants to can check out a sample of our work on our own High Moonlight Official band. But in August we will have our music available on various digital platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, ITunes and others.

What are your goals for the bands future?

We will be part of another official compilation this year that will be released on the Roadie Metal label on various streaming platforms. Soon after we will have an EP released in the same format and by the same musical label later this year as well. In the other is only what I can advance for now, other news I still cannot speak because there are still some details to be able to state about, but I can say that with each passing day our music has reached as many people as possible and it only motivates us more and more.

If you could share the stage with any other band or artist, who would you chose?

Megadeth, Judas Priest, Accept and AC / DC

What can you tell us about your live shows?

That we are there to play the highest and best possible independently of having two people or a thousand people, because our energy will be the same!

Do you have any upcoming gigs to promote?

For now, my occupation with the band is only related to the preparation of the launch of our digital EP. Of course there are other things besides this but the priority of the moment is this release, but I can say that we will also participate in at least one more official collection by the end of the year.

What do you think sets you apart from other bands?

People always tell me that our music looks like a lot of bands they’ve heard but at the same time they do not look like anything, meaning it’s really an original work.

I think it is by the direct and simple way that I try to create the compositions.

It really is a song that gives pleasure to listen to it.

Explain why you think a new listener should give your music a go.

Simply because we make authentic, heavy sound the way rock or metal should be.

What has been your biggest achievement as a band, so far?

The biggest highlight of my career so far was the participation of my band in an official heavy metal compilation in the year 2016. Big names of the national metal participated in this work and this made the band happen to be known in the national metal scene.

What else do you hope to achieve?


Where can fans find you online?

There you have it.  Check out High Moonlight as soon as possible.


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