Gorilla – Treecreeper (2019)


For their first release since 2007’s Rock Our Souls, Gorilla are certainly making up for lost time, with an album full of intensity and fuzz.  Treecreeper is due for release on June 21st. 

From the moment that Scum of the Earth fires up, Treecreeper instantly becomes an album worth listening to.  Fast and intense, with a vocal sound that is more than just a little reminiscent of Lemmy, this is a sure fire way to get people interested.

Cyclops slows the pace to begin with, and leans into Gorillas stoner and psychedelic roots.  It’s exceptionally well put together, but at the half way point where it really unleashes, it becomes glorious.  Gorilla Time Rock n Roll is the aural embodiment of a band having a great time.  Big and sleazy, and an absolute boat load of fun – with added harmonica solo!

The title track opens with a fuzzy bass riff, instantly calling N.I.B to mind – where it goes from there is special.  For six minutes, we’re treated to a southern, psych-rock masterpiece.   The vocal delivery is muddy and perfect.  Gorilla again unleash their full force in the mid section, and some stellar lead guitar work makes this a fantastic centre piece to an album that I couldn’t dislike if I tried.

Mad Dog builds slowly toward a cacophony of riffs and inspired work from the rhythm section.  It’s near eight minutes in length, but uses its time wisely, and never becomes long in the tooth.  By comparison, Ringo Dingo is shorter, and straight to the point.  Punchy and rocking.

Terror Trip is the bastard child of Motörhead and Black Sabbath, while Last In Line manages to be otherworldly and atmospheric in its opening moments, before becoming a rollicking bluesy groove – another definite highlight.

To finish us off, Gorilla leave us with what could easily be their theme song, Killer Gorilla.  The drumming from Ryan Matthews is perfect here, on what is the shortest track, but possibly the most memorable of Treecreeper.

Gorilla are completely capable of lengthy epics that will take the listener on a journey, and punchier straight forward rock songs – and deliver both in equal shares on this record.  Treecreeper is definitely now in heavy rotation at my house.


Review by Shayne McGowan

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