Vader – Thy Messenger (2019)


Polish death metal stalwarts, Vader, have just dropped a new EP in the form of Thy Messenger, and it’s pretty good. 

Opening track, Grand Deceiver, features all the hallmarks of blackened death metal.  It’s super fast with brutal vocals, and a tonne of intricacies below the surface.

Litany breaks no new ground (it is a reworking of an old track after all) but does serve to get the blood pumping.  I have no doubt that crowds still love chanting the lyrics along with this one.

Emptiness is an explosive, and relentless track from the opening.  Sensational guitar work, coupled with an absolute battery from the drums.  An absolute standout track, head and shoulders above the rest.  Despair follows suit, with more of the same.

Leaving us with a cover might not be the best idea, but Vader chose to do just that.  It’s a pretty faithful rendition of Judas Priests Steeler, and the band pull it off well, but it is a pretty underwhelming finisher to an otherwise solid EP.

Now give us a full length album at your earliest convenience!


Review by Shayne McGowan

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