Cats in Space – Daytrip to Narnia (2019)



Formed in West Sussex in 2015, and featuring musicians that have worked with the likes of Ian Gillan, Mike Oldfield, 10CC and Asia, Cats in Space offer a very unique listening experience that will take you straight back to the classic rock, glam and even disco of the 70’s.

Opening with Narnia, we are given a very theatrical number full of big choruses, fun, and flourishes of Queen.  It’s a really well written song that likens the life of a rockstar to that of the fantasy world of Narnia.

She Talks Too Much is short but sweet, at under 2 minutes long, yet still manages to conjour images of Queen, Mott the Hoople and even This Lizzy.  Hologram Man is the standout track of this album for a number of reasons.  Musically it is power pop brilliance, straight out of the Cheap Trick playbook.  Lyrically, the song takes a look into the current trend of hologram performances, making it completely relevant right now.

Tragic Alter Ego gives us a fly on the wall view of an ageing rock star, while Silver and Gold reminisces of days gone by.  Both are fantastic songs.

Chasing Diamonds takes us in to ballad territory, but it’s not your sappy love song variety.  Instead it’s about stopping to smell the roses, and appreciating what you have in your life.  Unicorn closes out this first half of the record with a huge anthemic song, that serves to combine all of the influences we’ve heard previously on Daytrip to Narnia in to one great package.

The second half of the record focuses on the story of Johnny Rocket.  It’s a rock opera, broken in to seven individual parts, with each part chronicling a period of the main characters life.  It’s well constructed and equally well executed fun.  Taking all of the aforementioned rock elements (Queen, Lizzy, Mott, Cheap Trick) and adding a bit of 70’s style disco to the mix only makes it even more interesting for me.

The entire Daytrip to Narnia album sounds like it belongs in the 70’s, but I believe that’s exactly the sound the band is going for, and they’ve achieved it perfectly.


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