The Treatment – Power Crazy (2019)


I grew up on AC/DC, The Angels and Rose Tattoo, along with a number of other Australian bands that earned the moniker of “Aussie pub rock”.   The kind of music that was/is best heard loud in beer soaked bar rooms.  The same type of energetic rock that has later been updated (very fucking well) by bands like Airbourne and Massive.  

The Treatment, although not Aussies themselves, fit so perfectly in to this style of music, and they’re another band who do it very fucking well, as demonstrated on their latest album Power Crazy.  

From the opening riffs of Let’s Get Dirty, we’re treated (excuse the pun!) to a bluesy rock riff that could have come from Malcom Young himself.  It’s a fist pumping, foot stomping anthem, and sets the mood perfectly.  Rising Power doesn’t slow things down.  The catch cry of “hear it comes” primes us for what’s about to be delivered, and it’s awesome!  I’m getting thirsty… 

On The Money is ZZ Top to a tee, but the 2019 updated version.  Bite Back is another slab of rock n roll gold.  The Treatment aren’t reinventing the wheel, but they are definitely good at what they do, which is deliver the soundtrack to a great night out. 

Luck of the Draw is another blues rock number, but one that sees vocalist Tom Rampton deliver some of his best vocals.  The dude has serious chops.  First single Hang Them High is up next, and it’s a relentless riff fest, with fantastic guitar work delivered by Targor and Tao Grey.  Love those gang vocals too. 

By now, we know what we’re gonna get from The Treatment.  Blistering booze soaked rock n’ fuckin’ roll, and Scar With Her Name and King of the City both deliver as promised.  Waiting for the Call delivers some more of those powerful vocals worthy of comparison to greats like Ian Gillan and Glenn Hughes, or even the man himself, Ronnie James.  

Laying it Down is frantic from the opening.  Musically it’s probably the most AC/DC vibe of the whole record.  I’m dying of thirst here!

The Fighting Song might be my favourite track on offer.  It’s still a rocker, but the party vibes are scaled back.  To close us out is Falling Down, and it gallops along in a way that calls Maiden to mind.  It’s great fun. 

The Treatment have always been a dependable rock band, but with a new vocalist in place, they’ve made the jump to the next level.  Every track on Power Crazy is a killer rock anthem.  I love this record, and I cannot wait to see the band live here in Australia.  

Now get me a beer!


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