Bastardane – Is This Rage? (2022)

Much like around 99% of people, I had no idea that Bastardane existed, until their debut album dropped recently.  

The heavy three piece consists of Jake Dallas on bass and vocals, Ethan Sirotzki on guitars and Castor Hetfield on drums.  Yes, Castor is the son of Metallica frontman, James.  

Honestly, that’s a somewhat unfortunate connection, because to date, I have seen them referred to as “James Hetfield’s sons band” more than I’ve seen them called by their own band name, which I guess was bound to happen, even though Bastardane have only that connection in common with Metallica – the sound these boys are producing is worlds apart from thrash metal. 

On “Is This Rage?” the very talented trio opt for a much heavier sludgy sound, full of groove, and powerful riffs – the sort of music you get from Crowbar and Down and Corrosion of Conformity.  

The album starts strong with “Above All”.  Pummeling and powerful from the outset, with crunchy riffs, excellent drumming and a very strong vocal performance.  

As we continue through the tracks “Praise No Bliss”, “Gaslight”, and “Chum” the band demonstrate that they are incredibly good at what they do – and that is the slow chugging stoner vibe.  

There are flashes of brilliance, as the boys occasionally change tempos seemingly out of nowhere, and really capture your attention again, but sadly four tracks in, everything is really blending together for the most part.  

It’s good stuff, it’s just all really similar sounding, save for those brief attention grabbing moments.  

Later in the album, “Imposter” brings in some slightly more traditional metal elements, but ultimately reverts back to well trodden paths.  

As I said already, this IS good stuff, just not great stuff, but for a band with youth on their side, they could definitely become great. 


Shayne McGowan. 

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