Limp Bizkit – Still Sucks (2021)

It’s no secret that Limp Bizkit don’t have the mass appeal that they once did.  It’s not 2001 anymore, and times have changed in a big way.  

Couple that with the fact that they have not consistently released music to keep them at the forefront of the music buying public’s mind, and you could place a large portion of the blame for their descent, at the bands own feet.  

That being said, we are in the midst of a bit of a “nu metal revival”, so the time is absolutely right for the band to drop a surprise release in our lap.  

The very tongue in cheek titled, “Still Sucks” arrived a couple of weeks back, with virtually no warning, unless you count the single, “Dad Vibes” dropping a few weeks prior to that…. 

It certainly raises some questions, such as; is this the long promised “Stampede of the Disco Elephants”?  If not, is that still coming?  What ever happened to “The Unquestionable Truth Part 2?  

Buy the way, if you have never heard “The Unquestionable Truth Part 1” do so ASAP.  It’s raw and viscous, and really suits the band, but I digress…. 

Regardless of those particular questions, and their potential answers, the fact remains, that in 2021, we have a new Limp Bizkit album, and it’s pretty fuckin’ fun. 

Well, most of it’s pretty fuckin’ fun.  Opening with a one two punch of “Out of Style” and “Dirty Rotten Bizkit”, the band comes out firing with the kind of self promotional rapped lyrics over the top of crunchy down tuned riffs that made them a household name 2 decades ago.  It’s a good start, made better by the fact that DJ Lethal is back, and working his turntable wizardry like old times. 

“Dad Vibes” was the first taste, and I hated it to begin with, but it clearly grabbed my attention, because for days it was stuck in my head.  It’s a major ear worm, and works within the context of the album. 

It’s all so goofy, and non sensical, but is that not what made our younger selves engage with the band…?

“Turn it up Bitch” is another infectious tune that works it’s way in, no matter how you may try to keep it out, and that’s all owing to the excellent bass line that runs the duration of the track.  

The less said about the awful cover of INXS’s “Don’t Change”, the better.  This is Limp trying to recapture the success that their cover of “Behind Blue Eyes” gave them, and it should have been left on the cutting room floor.  I would put “Empty Hole” and “Goodbye” in the same category – filler.  

“You Bring Out the Worst in Me” features light and gentle verses with some “singing” from Fred Durst, but the chorus is huge and aggressive, saving the whole track from being a skip-able moment. 

Limp has always liked to poke fun at themselves while doing likewise to their haters, and that’s why “Love the Hate” exists.  It’s not perfect, but it clocks in at a smidge under two minutes, so it’s fine. 

There is a huge grunge vibe to “Barnacle”, and I actually really like this sound from Limp – Fred does have a Kurt Cobain tattoo, so the influence has always been there – I like that it’s come out, and it’s probably my favourite of the album. 

“Pill Popper” is simple and to the point.  Heavy and pretty good overall, while one of the only redeemable qualities of “Snacky Poo” is the incredibly awkward prank interview with Wes Borland at the end.  Actually, I’m one of those people who simply cannot handle the sounds of people crunching and chewing food, so the very opening of the track nearly gave me a breakdown, particularly through headphones.  

Overall, there’s a pretty good EP here, and if the band had of exercised some more quality control, and trimmed the filler, it could have been a great comeback.  I do have a feeling that this is the first release of a few coming from the band in the near future.  


Shayne McGowan 

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