Lego Looney Tunes Figures (2021)

Lego Looney Tunes is the newest and MOST AWESOME release in the Minifigure Collectible series which started in 2010. 

This set is a Looney Tunes fan’s dream come true, the only problem, no Sam, Elmer, Foghorn or Pepe. They MUST be in the 2nd set, and no ”problematic, racist, stereotype” excuses need apply to keep them from being made for another FANTASTIC set. 

Many major players are here, Bugs (who looks to be based off a certain year, in between his original and classic look but it’s INSANE we have Lego Bugs Bunny) Daffy (looks like his style before the Golden era and again, it’s DAFFY DUCK in Lego, amazing) Sylvester (the BEST figure in the set, who has transitioned well from cartoon to Lego) Tazz (another great figure, whose spin disc works well and he looks just like his cartoon counterpart) Marvin ( a great figure, looks exactly like his cartoon self, just needs an aluminum P U 6 explosive space modulator, but has got many complaints) Wile E Coyote ( another awesome figure, looks just like his cartoon self) the Road Runner ( a polarised figure, due to the body, but that face is so cute and fans have said Road runner should have been a small accessory piece for Coyote) Tweety ( some have said Tweety should of been a small accessory piece to go with Sylvester, like Road Runner) Speedy (looks cute, but some fans have said Speedy should of been a small accessory for Daffy. Porky Pig (looks to be based on a certain time as his look isn;t his classic appearance, but still great to have porky Pig in Lego) Petunia Pig (Porky’s girlfriend) and Lola Bunny (Bug’s wife was introduced in Space jam, has had runs in newer series of Looney Tunes) these 2 girls are great figures, with lots of print. 

Now, as a HUGE fan of these characters, this is a near perfect set, to have the other characters, Sam (just use the old west guns for him, if he doesn’t come with guns), Elmer (he may come with his scyth, so, just use the EXCLUSIVE toy soldier’s gun), Foghorn (with Henry Hawk accessory), Barnyard dog, Pepe, Granny, Gossamor, Witch Hazel, Miss Prissy, The Kangaroo (Giant Mouse) a couple alternatives for marvin (green suit and gold armour), Daffy (Duck Dodgers) Slow poke would make the 2nd series EXCELLENT. 

So, we have to wait, the newest sets usually get leaked, the rumor of this set happened in August last year and Marvin was the 1st leaked image to prove this dream set true, then Porky was leaked. Now, many happy fans have them and await the next set, some other rumors say this is the only line, but that’ll be despicable, we can’t sufferin’ sacotash, give us the rest please. 


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