Fear Factory – Aggression Continuum (2021)

Aggression Continuum is the first release by Fear Factory in 6 years. What was to be Monolith (referenced by the 9th song) is a FUCKING great return to form. 

The artwork is typical FF, the one for Monolith was unique, but since the band has a concept, the artwork is self explanatory. There’s samples of 

Terminator Salvation used in a number of songs, Demanufacture sampled T2, so this can be seen as a sequel to Demanufacture. We can pick up on this thanks to Purity, IT’S REPLICA 2, we have another Replica! A similar riff, drum beat and Burton’s OWH. Also, the name is the same as Slipknot’s infamous Purity, and Burton has tattoos which coincidentally are like the Knot’s former logo, or an influence? Ok, going of the rails here, time to Recode, the album’s opening, it’s pretty heavy, and clocks in close to 6 minutes. There’s a good minute of samples and programming/synth, then POW. 

You know of Disruptor, it’s cool. The title track is AGGRESSIVE, very thrashy, and consistent. Now, Purity, as established IS Replica 2. Fuel Injected Suicide Machine is one of the stand outs. There’s references to Archetype’s chorus with the line Look into my eyes, even the line Open your eyes is used in Recode. So lots of reflection of other albums and songs in this album so far. It is continuing a concept that’s AGGRESSIVE. 

With this heaviness, you, Collapse (the 6th song), it opens with samples, and then we get knocked down, by a riff like Body Hammer, and a little Shock. So, Aggression continuum takes everything from the band’s main albums. Yes, Collapse is Shock 2, with some Body Hammer. Burton tells us to Bow down to your killer, what, this song or album? FUCK yeah, I’ll bow down. We have to take in, this is the last time we’ll hear Burton, and he gives his all. 

Manufactured Hope, oh, this song kicks off, the intro is a little like Slave Labour, then it’s all out. To this point, there’s been some great drum rolls, and the synth!. Especially in here, it’s classic INDUSTRIAL, a trademark piece of the genre. The drumming, now, Mike isn’t credited, a lot of people are involved with this album. Let’s keep our Manufactured Hope, is pulsating and a very involved track. 

Cognitive Dissonance. What a name and, this one is like Zero Signal, the drums are frantic. There’s some parts a little like What will become, but, it’s all new, fresh and traditional Fear Factory. This song is HEAVY, very intense. What a ride.  

Monolith, not THE Monolith album, no, but the song, the title track. The mystique, mysterious Monolith. We can breathe with this one, we have closure. Hearing the last piece of the puzzle, and is it fair to call this, beautiful? YES, it’s not a ballad, it can be seen as Resurrection 2. I’m sure some other songs come to mind, but this is great to finally experience after the announcement. 

The album IS Aggression Continuum, there’s just a LOT of history, and the results, worth the wait. Now, that guitar solo is by Max Karon. Our mate Rhys Fulber is on Additional keys throughout. There’s more to name, but, let’s leave it a surprise. 

End of line, it builds up 

to begin with, then hammers down on you. With essential Fear Factory riffs matched kicks, and just sheer pummeling action, End of line is the final goodbye and thank you to Burton, and Dino who got this album together with crowd funding and many others. It’s a great release, the only things missing, a heap of BLASTS, but, what is here, is awesome. 



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