Bison – Perfect Mistakes (2021)

Perfect Mistakes is the newest EP by Melbourne’s own Bison.

Now, some see Nu metal as the BIGGEST mistake in music, but it was a revolution. When done right, the genre is great, or you could Durst it up. Bison have no mistakes made here, they have perfected a genre, kept it fresh, so it isn’t dated, stale or a copy of KoRn (like a few have been).

Take your place sets the ground, there’s a great melodic chorus, a straight line verse with a hard edge, and the intro, just rings in the 1999-2001 sound of the genre. Which is good, because Nu metal lost itself after 2001, so Bison are in the pack, ahead of the herd, who are out of date.

Begin again, ok, very suiting title, because the genre died out and has made a bit of a comeback, Bison are continuing this new found love for Nu metal and right here is promise. We start with samples, which are great, then into a punishing main riff, this one is more late 90’s, and right away your head is banging. The mix of hard and clean vocals suis the music and transitions well. The main riff is the namesake, anyone who knows this genre, will dig this riff. The drums are owning it here. The song gets to a shred part then into a beast of a breakdown. What a time to re-love Nu metal, thanks to Bison.

So, 1997 is when Bison formed, the essential year for music, it really was a solid year, and Nu metal was still fresh, the peak was 1999, as a new wave came in and remained solid until that day of 2001. But, with this ep, we have it all, a great mix that is neat, with classic vibes and tropes but no carbon copying or wannabe.

Great work Bison. 


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