The Devil Wears Prada – ZII (2021)

ZII is the newest EP by The Devil Wears Prada, released on the 21st of May on Solid State Records, this new offering is the next chapter.

Zombies are great, metal is awesome, and when together, you get THIS, and it all starts with Nightfall. ok, we get the anvil dropped on us, and what would be brain splatter, is a nice sludgey doom intro, with screams of NIGHT FALL, then after a little snap, we’re into the verse. It’s fast, just like running from zombies, then the chorus, for us to sing along, and a glisten of peace with a melodic passage, with clean vocals and melodies. Oh but a breakdown cuts in, this is where we’d be getting eaten by zombies or hammering them down. 8 minutes folks, we have 8 minutes of this, good morning exercise. The band breaks into some groove, keep the flow with some THRASHY beats, and some more breakdowns.

Forlorn starts off with a cool riff, with a little broken rhythm. Don’t worry, it’s just a cool time signature, and then all PICKS UP when everyone else joins and gets to the ass kicking straight away. That main riff is like a heart monitor, keeping track of your pulse, and then the wrenching breakdown pummels you. We have peaceful breaks though, so, two 8 minute powerhouse songs in and already you need to check if you’re still breathing.

Termination, WE HAVE A SAMPLE to begin, and a nice little phaser effect on the guitar, we have a Djent sounding riff and tone, with nice little clean ripples and squeals. SYNTH, there be some synth. Termination, is the shortest track and quite unique, it’s well placed in the middle, and a SOLO.

Nora, ominous, ambient opening, into the SLAUGHTERING driving riff, kicks. Then a mellow out, where bass takes the helm, just when you settle, the song hooks and gets back to knocking you about. Ah, the days of being in a pit, knocked back and forth or doing some knocking down and out yourself. Oh, we have some pulse blasts here. ZII is a chapter you will be drawn into and it sticks, sharp, and jarring, making you feel good during a lockdown. Just mosh about the house, oo, MORE BLASTS.

Contagion. ok, before I get into this song, is this EP the Covid EP? Well, let’s close our eyes and let that piano guide us to better days, oh, enjoy it for a little while, because the HEAVINESS knocks down the walls, and we’re in for a ride with this 9 minute song, so, the 5km limit will be suited with this EP, if you ‘’go out’’ to the shops, just have this in your car, or, if keeping a journal, crank this EP up. Contagion brings everything to the table, gang vocals, revving riffs, punishing drums, some clean and melodic parts, just to be nice and easy but all gets crunched up with clenching breakdowns and more.

Time for a rest, whew. 



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