NeonFly – The Future, Tonight (2021)

The Future, Tonight is the newest album by Neonfly. A UK alternative metal band who are taking themselves in a new direction.

This World is Burning, if that doesn’t sum up what’s been happening, then read the title again and crank the volume. This melodic power trip of a song is a great way to open an album. It’s fit for a stadium and could be Neonfly’s answer to the final countdown. The power is here, with the expressive hearty vocals, exquisite melody, an exciting guitar solo. Those drums get you in the guts and, skull crunching bass. Yes, all this is here, and it’s only begun. 

Last Of Our Kind, ok, is it that this song is very nu metal? A little bit more involved, but the intro riff speaks of the genre, then we get some mighty strong changes with the chorus. The next verse changes matters up again, so, there’s a few goodies here. We cut back to that main riff, then some GROOVE metal antics. Only the 2nd song, and it’s a mix of metals finest sub genres, so, let’s settle for a fusion piece.

Flesh and Blood, you’d expect DEATH METAL, but, we get glamorous rocking hair metal. This is fine, we need time to breath and let the last 2 songs kick in. Flesh and Blood, one of those don’t judge book by it’s cover, there I was expecting HEAVY, but, woa. Got some clean cut rock here, and it’s good, a surprise, so, I won’t spoil too much. You may smile and laugh a bit due to the twist, the song is lovely.

THE TITLE TRACK The Future, Tonight (featuring Bjorn Strid). Kicks in straight away with METAL, and we calm down for the verse, these surprises keep coming, as does THE METAL. Oh, we have SCREAMED vocals, so, what, we’re going METALCORE now? There’s such variety here, and we’re only 4 songs in now. Neonfly glows with wings spread, eggs laid, and what’s been spawned is genius. No doubt, this album is Suitable to all rockers and metal-heads.

Beating Hearts, we may have a ballad, but no, it’s well, it’s unique, it’s rock, the chorus is nice and hard, one of those pleaser, relief tracks we’re all can sing together. One for the crowd, and there’s a few twists again.

More Than a Life Time, ok, this speaks ballad more, WITH POWER. These guitar solos just speak out to you, well handled and fine musicianship. Everyone is doing great, making an impact and keeping this album strong with everything the band has.

Another Eden (Featuring Kaan Tasan), what an awesome drum intro, then into action, the riffs keep going, what a cruising song we have here. You guessed it, those solos are back. This one is in the CORE era, it’s fair to call this Metalcore, bit of groove, but everything else rings true to the real beast aforementioned.

Steal The World (featuring Kann Tasan) alright, we’re in straight metal territory here, straight off the bat, we get into it, more groove metal than core for the most part, the melodic bliss is still here, the gang vocals are top notch, and if your neck isn’t hurting, you are scene.

Final Warning, oo, we have quite the intro here, a crawling intro, then SYNTH, lots of double kick, um… Ok, to explain this song, think Opeth, Children of Bodom. This is a spooky song, if there were some harsh vocals, and a blast section, we’d have symphonic black metal.  I have chills here, the haunting main passages done with that awesome riff progression, gets the hairs standing on your neck, back and the rest, flying about. What an ending on piano, many great songs end with a piano/organ/keyboard. Personal favourite right here and Last of our kind at 2nd.

The Things We Left Behind (And The Things That Slip Away), ok, right in the feels with that statement. This song is well placed, it packs a punch when the build up pays off with some fine hard rock, and all the beautiful melodies continue. Ok, the drums, there’s a lot explored with the drumming on each song, the use of toms is great to hear, no beat or one drum is over favoured. The vocals, brilliant. Guitar work, a highlight and the bass, bitching! Them keys, sharp and elegant.

A well thought out and performed album, hits all the Ts and I’s. Mastery, not joking, this album has all you need, and are left wanting more.



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