Mütherload – Ü (2021)

If you’re a fan of music on the heavier side of things, the Canadian crew, Mütherload might just have what you’re looking for.  

On their debut EP, “Ü”, the band delivers six blistering tracks in the vein of Lamb of God an In Flames.  It’s heavy, but with plenty of groove, plus elements that will appeal to fans of progier bands like Tool, Mastodon and Opeth.  

“Insect” and “The Visitor” are the first two tracks, and each are crushingly heavy, with stunning drumming, and even better guitar work on display.  There are some really intricate musical moments, but not in a flashy way – all for the benefit of the songs.  Then there’s the harsh vocals, which sound like they were recorded after gargling a bucket full of gravel.  Great stuff, best played loud!

The title track goes in a different direction.  “Ü” is a 44 second long interlude, featuring gentle acoustic guitar, strange sound effects and some dialogue lifted from Cadyshack.  Absolutely a strange inclusion that I’d love to pick the bands brain about.  

“Iniquity” brings it back around to the heavy though, with grinding guitar riffs, massive drum sounds and more vocal chord destruction.  Big groove throughout, and some nice guitar shredding make this one a highlight for me.  

“Thaügüst” is another acoustic interlude.  Very nice guitar strumming for 1.44 in length.  No strange inclusions here, just gentle guitars taking the spotlight.  With the opening sounds of the next track layer over the very end of this one, I guess it serves as an extended intro piece…

Which brings us to “Lamia”, the closing track.  Aside from the two interludes, this track stands out as the most different due to its use of cleaner vocals – not right throughout, just in the verses.  The gravel throated vocals remain intact for the rest of the track.  Musically it’s a little different too – there’s a doomy feel to the riffs, whereas the previous songs had more in common with Pantera.  

This is a killer EP, and a very quick listen at only around the 16 minute length.  Mütherload are certainly one to keep your ears open for. 

Ü will be released July 9th


Shayne McGowan.

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