Tetrarch – Unstable (2021)

Everything comes back around, and that includes “nu metal”. 

And why shouldn’t it?  Some of the bands that were considered “nu metal” are absolutely relevant to this day.  Often, that is because the band matured and managed to shake the association, but some stayed true to their original sound, and still achieved longevity.  

It’s not a dirty word – just ask Korn, Deftones, Slipknot, Soulfly and Sevendust…  ok, maybe don’t actually ask any of them, because I’m sure they all hate the tag, but they were all considered a part of the movement once upon a time, and all are still making brilliant music right now.  

So back to my original thought pattern.  Why shouldn’t “nu metal” make a comeback…  it’s becoming pretty clear right now, that a lot of kids who grew up on White Pony, Follow The Leader and Hybrid Theory are now making music of their own.  The influence will definitely be there.  

Which brings me to Tetrarch.  Formed in 2007 in Atlanta, and a couple of releases deep into their catalogue now, they might have just cemented themselves as the best new “nu metal” style band of this current generation.  

The album is “Unstable” in name only.  All of the songs are well crafted, full of crunchy riffs to bang our heads too, craftily prepared melodic passages that will grab attention and precision drumming.  

I’ll be honest – at times it’s like listening to Hybrid Theory era Linkin Park, albeit without the rapping, but at times, it’s a lot heavier – take “Take a Look Inside” for example.  There is clean singing, but there are some guttural vocals at work here too.  That Linkin Park reference wasn’t a shot either- Hybrid Theory is a fuckin’ banger still… 

Something that is fairly uncommon, is that this album gets stronger as it progresses, at least in my opinion.  “Stitch Me Up” fires up at track number 7, and it’s the highlight of the whole album.  

“Addicted” lives up to its name, because the riff is addictive, and those haunting harmonies underneath really suck you in.  Again, a catchy track, but still nice and heavy.  

The final 4 tracks really are the best of the album for mine.  “Pushed Down” has a huge singalong chorus that will be a pit pleaser, but closing number, “Trust Me” is Tetrarch at their deepest.  Featuring unsettling verses, it really comes to life with the immense choruses.  

Really impressed with this record, and Tetrarch as a whole.  Highly recommended. 


Shayne McGowan. 

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