Dr Colossus – I’m A Stupid a moron… (2021)

Dr Colossus (a one off character in the Simpsons episode Who Shot Mr Burns part 2, and a few other appearances in games, comics and in other episodes) is a Melbourne Doom metal band who are Simpsons inspired.

So diddily diddle oakily doakily folks, let’s see and hear how these Springfield loving lads go. The band’s newest album is I’m A Stupid Moron, With An Ugly Face and A Big Butt an My Butt Smells, and I Like To Kiss My Own Butt.

This album starts with Sex Cauldron (didn’t that close down?), it’s about sex, not love, putting the spring in Springfield, the song is hard and fast (just like a quickie, diddily) with a pretty THRASH verse, nice rocking chorus then into a sweet groove number with a solo, Sex Cauldron is a steamy track that gets you boiled for the next song.

Pickabar (named after when homer gets signals to pick up Bart, in the episode Brother from the same planet, where homer forgets Bart at soccer) so, yes, that episode is referenced right here. We have a nice hard rocking number here, a little hair and glam with power (nuclear power dude, Dr Colossus are radioactive men!) so, it’s UP AND ATOM and jiminy jillikers.

Lard Lad (Homer’s favourite place for doughnuts, with sprinkles) and the colossal doughnut. Well here, we have the full supply. A sprinkle of melody and a light verse, after a glazed opening, and yeah, this song has purple in it. It’s awesome that this song references the Attack of the 50 foot eyesores segment from the great Treehouse of horror VI.

So long stinktown, (a famous line by Homer in You only move twice, with fan favourite Hank Scorpio) Dr Colossus  bring the doomsday device with this one. This one could work for a Bond theme, since the episode is a parody of bond himself, so. Dr Colossus are so smart, s m r t, I mean, s m a r t!

Get Mendoza, now, this is a great track, referencing MCBAIN and his clips which secretly form a fluent mini film of course, McBain avenges his partner Scoey. So, this song just works so well, quoting all the McBain clips and it’s like a ballad, but really rings true for an action movie theme. The band has done well to this point, you’ll eat their shorts.

Hummingbird of Bengal, like when Apu worked so long, he thought he was a humming bird, in the episode Homer and Apu). Well, we have some trumpet in here, so, a little swing twist. This song also references Werewolves of London, a good inspiration and is all about Apu. 

Space Coyote (ah yes, voiced by the legendary Johnny Cash in the awesome episode Mysterious voyage of Homer, where Homer eats chilly) This song is a fitting end, even in style of Johnny Cash, the lovely acoustic guitars here and drums, distortion, we have an EPIC, clocking in close to 10 minutes, what a way to end this fun album and it’s the 2nd album by Dr Colossus.

Great albums, full of pop culture references, quotes and sheer kick ass tunes. One for the Mad man Moe’s pressure cooker, or magic wok. Let’s settle for the family feed bag!


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