Our Last Enemy – As Above, So Below (2021)

As Above, So Below is the new EP by Sydney INDUSTRIAL band Our Last Enemy. This band can be considered your first hero for 2021 as Our Last Enemy are back with a fresh new EP, that kicks serious ass on all levels. 

A Thousand Visions starts it off and we have an assault right from the bat. After a tiny sample to get things going, it’s a sonic metal attack, the verse is unique, with a solid chugging riff with complimenting kicks, and a little rippling riff after. We’re head-banging straight away. This song sounds a bit symphonic black metal with it’s haunting nature, a little Dimmu Borgir, but it’s all Our Last Enemy.

Never Coming Back opens with a solid trance passage, then sets the course with it’s punishing riffs, blistering drums, hearty bass (the drums here are fantastic, blasts galore, rolls so fluent), raspy vocals and as it keeps going, that trance guides everything up until the mental final moments. Think Chimaira, but know too well, Our last Enemy used 202 well to give us their hell.

Long Time Coming has a beautiful majestic intro, that progresses into a verse then matters get intense. It’s suiting having this track in the middle, it’s a bit of a breather, you can see a thousand flames light up, hold your loved one and salute with the horns.

The Holy Ones starts with a cool drum number, dominated by double kicks, steady cymbal hits and a snare hammered out. With a choir chant setting the mood before the vocals, the holy ones is a blessing. All is smooth sailing until the METAL hook, they’re nice twists that kick in and give the song more character.

Decline Atrophy – we’re back to an ass kicker with this one. After two slow but fine songs, Our Last Enemy hammers this one out to please with a great finish. They’re going all out with this one, kicks, rolls, shredding, SOLO. With some fine grooves and awesome rhythmic patterns, Decline Atrophy is a perfect end, it’s a mix of the other 4 tracks. The vocals are constant throughout, with a nice array of harsh and clean. Those synths and melodies are haunting and wonderful work. You could not wish for more.



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