Aquarium Of The Dead (2021)

A scientific accident causes sea creatures in an aquarium to become zombies.

The above is the synopsis direct from IMDB.  It sounds ridiculous right?  You bet your arse it does, and that is exactly why I sat down to watch it.  

Let’s break it down; 

Premise – ridiculous 

Script – woeful

Acting – less than sub-par

Visuals – cheap

Direction – shithouse

This sounds bad, but yet, I still had so much fun watching this stupid, stupid movie!

It’s called “Aquarium of the Dead” so it’s right there up front that you won’t be watching an Oscar contender.  But I think the fact that it most definitely doesn’t take itself seriously (how the fuck could it?!)

is what makes it easy to have fun as a viewer.  

Is it a horror movie?  There’s definitely a wink and a nod in that direction, but let’s be honest, this is a comedy.  Or maybe I shouldn’t have laughed out loud when I set my eyes upon a zombie dolphin?  

Should I not have laughed when a group of aquarium staff were under attack by killer star fish?

Should I not have laughed when…  oh, fuck it, I laughed at everything!   It was a stupid, stupid movie

Aquarium of the Dead makes the Sharknado franchise look like major blockbusters, but screw it, shut your brain off and have a dumb old time with this stupid, stupid movie, just like I did.  

There’s worse things you could do with your time…


-Rick Trewin

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