A Quiet Place Part II (2021)

Said to be one of the best sequels in HORROR and film in general – I can say that after seeing A Quiet Place Part 2, it LIVES UP to that exact statement.

The film was due last year, but was pushed back – the wait was worth it. The to be FAMOUS 1 shot scene, with the bus, DONE IN 1 TAKE, is one of MANY thrills, chills and scares.

We have some build up, getting the tension boiling, then the SCREAMS can come. They do, as they are timed well, as are the JUMP moments. Not over done like those so familiar, done before Paranormal possession films, they’re just dark comedies these days.

CREATURE features like A quiet place part 2, get em right. The 1st was a blast and watching it again, still gives chills 2 years later (is it 2 or 3, whatever 2020 was, that would be a fine setting for, oh wait, (the Resident evil franchise, 28 days, weeks,  months, years later, Outbreak, Quarantine) ok, so. A quiet place 2, grips you, not only with it’s fine cinematography, well directed scenes and believable performances. STRONG, especially by the young cast, and Emily Blunt’s attention to everything, the music too has that hold.

Surprisingly MICHAEL BAY was a Producer, yeah, Michael Bay (EXPLOSIONS, silly transformers films, those TMNT films) THAT MICHAEL BAY. but, don’t let that name make you miss this film.

So far in 2021, this is the Number 1 film to see.



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