JailBirds – Jungle (2021)

Well, well, well, new music. I love new music.

It’s exciting, and for me, the latest music to check out is Jailbirds and their new EP Jungle – which certainly did just that.  

Now I will be honest, I didn’t know a thing about these guys so of course I needed to read a bit and also checked out a few of their YouTube videos and I was not disappointed at all.

One of their tracks off this Ep (Dull My Brain) has a music video clip on YouTube, and I must say I rather enjoyed it. These Canadian rockers are very worth the check out and this EP will thrill most that listen to it I would wager. 

Though it only features 5 tracks (Dull My Brain, The Jungle, All I Need, Watery Grave and I Will Move On) there is plenty to love. 

The Jungle EP and all of it’s tracks can only be described as extremely guitar driven. But that doesn’t distract from its mediumly heavy goodness of catchy riffs and well written clear lyrics and vocals. There was nothing I could overly tear apart or anything unpleasant. I can definitely see these guys quickly gaining some attention.

Definitely one to watch. Well done.


Steph Sutter-James.

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