Tat Talk with Geoffro O’Leary – Brisbane Body Art

Noise Pollution has always been about more than just music.  We have covered plenty of music, but there has also been films, tv, comics, books and beer.  With the editor of NP being an avid tattoo collector, we thought it was time to start “talking tats” with some of our amazing tattoo artists from around Australia.  

First candidate = Geoffro O’Leary from Brisbane Body Art.  

Welcome to Tat Talk, and thanks for being our first! 

Thanks for the chat mate. Big fan of Noise Pollutuon and I’m stoked you guys are stepping into the tattoo side of things. 

Let’s start with your name, shop and social media..

So, you’re talking to Geoffro – owner and operator at BrisbaneBodyart.  Located in Cannon Hill Brisbane.  Our Facebook page can be found here;


How long have you been a tattoo artist? 

I’ve been tattooing for roughly 7 years, starting very late. 

What made you follow this career?

I absolutely love tattooing after bricklaying for a good part of my life before moving into the tattoo industry. I’ve always loved tattoos and after getting my first taste very young I was hooked. 

What is your favourite style to ink?

I absolutely love doing Dark Horror, Biomech and Black and Grey Realism. I’ve done a few colour realism pieces. And while I enjoy doing that style. It’s really time consuming and I feel like I’m not getting anywhere sometimes. 

What about least favourite? 

I gotta say, I don’t really enjoy the basic tatties, not a great deal of artists do. The little infinity cymbals and small script tatttoos. Not my favourite. 

In your opinion, what has been the worst tattoo trend? 

Now I’m not too sure if there is such thing as a bad tattoo trend. If it was cool when you got it and it was a time in your life (like my tribal tattoos from the 90s) I don’t hate them. I was having a fat time in that part of my life. So those particular tatties remind me of some really really good times.

Do you have any tattoos of your own?

I have a tonne of tattoos, and am running out of room. I’ve been tattooed by some of my favourite artists. Don Johnson, Elliot Ross, Brad Bako and Hurb. Just to name a few. Absolute legends. 

In your opinion, what’s the most painful area to get ink?

I can honestly say getting behind my knee, In the ditch. And the healing process of getting my throat done after a 11hr session with Elliot Ross sucked massive nuts!!

What are the “do’s and dont’s” for your particular shop?

We try run our studio on general respect. As the owner and artist, I have always found it hard to keep everyone in the studio happy. Artists, management, clients everyone!! So respect is very important. Don’t be a Dick!! 

Is there anything that you will flat out refuse to do?

There’s a few things I will not do. 

Faces. Nope 

Hands. If your a good friend, self employed, or are very heavily tattooed. 

What are your thoughts on tattoo reality tv shows?

Not really a fan of reality tv shows. A little bit over dramatised. And some of them can give people unrealistic expectations. So that’s a hard NO from me on tattootv shows. 

Your recommendations for somebody looking to get their first piece?

Recommendations for first timers getting tattoos. Get what you want!!!! Not what mum or your girlfriend or boyfriend wants you to get. And get it where and how big you want it! It’s on you for life. Make sure you listen to the advice of you artists. Do homework on your artists. If their Instagram is full of traditional tattoos don’t ask for colour realism. Choose the artists that nails the style you want. 

What are the worst traits in a client?  (ie, poor hygiene, haggling over price, can’t sit still..)

If you have to have a shower, have a shower! Nothing worse than a client that has bad personal hygiene. And don’t be rude to an artist, they are about to stab you with a bunch of needles.

Ever tattooed a celebrity? 

I’ve actually tattooed a few legends!! We had Matt and Toddy from King Parrot in 1 day that was awesome. 

Any crazy requests from clients?  

The funniest, maybe weirdest tattoo I’ve ever done was actually for Todd. It was a Cock sitting in a armchair reading the paper with a Monical in his eye. 

What has been the highlight of your career thus far?

Highlight of my career would be tattooing a cock on Toddy. And getting tattooed by Bako. 

Best type of customer?

Best kind of customer is one that will listen to advice. And someone that will give you a little bit of free reign. Just idea, a size, placement and a budget. Then it’s time to really go to work. 

Dream tattoo to do?

Dream tattoo to do, probably a young person that is a mad gamer. (Perfect skin) and probably a full biomech bodysuit. 

Which tattoo can’t you abide when you see it?

I’m really not a fan of the southern cross. I would love to do a Aussie theme tattoo but the southern cross, just not a fan. 

Give me your thoughts on backyard tattooists… 

Backyard tattooers don’t have a place in our industry. Learn from a respected artist. 

And similarly, the cheap Bali and Thailand tattoos – ok, or avoid? 

Bali and Indo tattoos are definitely getting better and are widely owned by Australians. Do your homework and find an artist with a good reputation. And you shouldn’t be to bad. But do your homework. 

Thanks Geoffro, it’s been a pleasure! 

Be sure to check out Geoffro and other great artists work at Brisbane Body Art, Shop 1/941 Wynnum Road, Cannon Hill, Brisbane.  

Also, be sure to check out his band, PistonFist.  They rock! 

-Shayne McGowan. 

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