Kenny McCormick – Alien (2021)

Alien is the newest release by Kenny McCormik – no, not the fictional character from South Park.  This is in fact the one man band, from Germany, Kenny McCormik.  

Alien is an instrumental album through and through. Contact opens up the album and we start with samples (maybe from the movie Contact) then a big progressive opener, with lots of drums, easy riffs then into a powerhouse of a song. Think BIG stadiums, thousands of fans, lights, pyro, oh, that’s just a ufo taking you up from earth. 

The title track Alien is a hard hitting melodic number, with some fine beats, a captivating guitar solo and riffs that’ll probe you. 

Monolith (this has become very ominous, we have Fear Factory with a song of the same name, now another) so, this Monolith is a grand stature, it’s distinctive rhythm and massive melodies get you in a trance. So far the time signatures of the riffs, both bass and lead ( pretty melodies and awesome solos) and well handled drum fills are an accomplishment for one man. 

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind is as haunting as the thought of abduction. This song is dark, spellbinding.  The main riff, that 5/4 scuttle and the, well, it’s sensational. 

Paradigm Shift (Ok, Kenny is very influenced and inspired, as some may know Paradigm Shift is one of KoRn’s best albums). This Paradigm Shift has some samples at the beginning, then turns into a bass heavy track that keeps on giving, it’s one for the road. 

Silent Observer builds suspense when it starts, quite peaceful up until the BOOM of one chord then the progression sets the course. It’s fairly power metal. 

The Shadow Out of Time – getting into Tool territory a bit with this number, a very drum heavy opening with tribal beats, a slick scaling bass line then Kenny has everything break of the chain for you to headbang. 

Type Omega-Minus is quite a different song with some keyboards at the start, and a solid hard rocking number all out. Kenny really knows how to surprise us with his music, oh and Type Omega-minus does that when it switches to a Gatling gun double kick METAL section, which pops up again. 

Star Atlas – ok, here we are with another majestic melodic opening, theatrical best describes this song. Some songs have had a hint of Devildriver, but all are Kenny McCormik’s. Star atlas shines and strives. 

Metaphor, brings in the synth – we could be in the INDUSTRIAL realm, with samples and this one is very 90’s, a tiny touch of KoRn, just a little flavour but with synth, samples. Metaphor will please Ministry, Fear factory, Static X fans. It’s progressive metal, yeah. But has enough viariety to win you over. OH THEM SOLOS KENNY!. 

0100000101001100010010010100010101001110, is a riff, play it out for yourselves as you won’t be hearing it here, unless Kenny IS playing it on the keys, with a haunting sci fi theme (Dr Who, Twilight zone, x-files type theme) going on. What a finish, the album, has awesome artwork, is fresh, exciting and a good journey. It would have been cool to hear some lyrics, but how it is, is very good.



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