Single review: Fear Factory – Fuel Injected Suicide Machine (2021)

Fuel Injected Suicide Machine is not only a great line from Mad Max, but the newest single from Fear Factory.

Now, calling the album Aggression Continuum is genius as this song LIVES UP to that Aggression.

There’s a little sample at the beginning, then a hammering opening. The verse continues the heaviness, then the pre-chorus amps up the levels, followed by beautiful clean vocal melodies as the chorus kicks in.

The drums here by Mike are vicious, with great kicks and plenty of rolls (excellent tom work). Dino’s riffs are ferocious, on the level of Demanufacture with a little hints of Digimortal and Genexus stylings.

Now, Tony’s bass hits the spot. Burton’s vocals still make you cry, knowing this is his last record with the band, but he made sure to leave an IMPACT. These are his best, and possibly the strongest they’ve been. Theres some pain, so we get more power behind his harsh vocals ( closest to Soul of a new machine).

The song is pummelling, like lifting 100s of kilos. This is a beast of a song.

Aggression Continuum is released on June 18th via Nuclear Blast Records


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