Saliva – Every Twenty Years (2021)

Re-recording older tracks is a risky move, but a risk Saliva decided to take recently, in order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their 2001 record “Every Six Seconds”.  

The original release had the band catching public attention with their rap/rock sounds at the tail end of the Nu Metal movement.  It was a good album, and quite a few of the songs still hold up to this day.  To be fair, most of the album still sounds great.  

However, Saliva currently features only one member of the “Every Six Seconds” line up, according to Wikipedia anyway, so forgive me if I’m incorrect on that.  

The current band have meshed well, and create good records, so I can’t help but find this EP a little weird.  I get wanting to celebrate a career milestone, but a celebratory show would make more sense to me – I mean, you play the songs live anyway, right?  

Instead, they have chosen to release the “Every Twenty Years” EP, and re-record arguably the four biggest and best songs from the 2001 album.  Your Disease, Click Click Boom, After Me and Greater Than/Less Than. 

This isn’t bad.  The songs still sound pretty good.  Theres also a track called Spyhunter (from a video game I believe?) and a cover of Soundgardens Spoonman thrown in for good measure.  Ok, the cover is average at best… 

My main problem is that these songs ALREADY EXISTED, pretty much EXACTLY LIKE THIS.  Change them up a bit, let current vocalist Bobby Amaru change them up a bit and make them his own.  These sound like carbon copies of the originals.  

Hopefully Saliva get back to releasing NEW material soon. 

Not all bad, but not great. 


Shayne McGowan 

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