Sumo Cyco – Initiation (2021)

Sumo Cyco is a four piece Alternative punk/metal band from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Formed in 2011 and having released their new album Initiation, this independent band pulls all the strings to deliver the hard knocks.

The band’s music is on the spectrum of INDUSTRIAL, when there’s synth, samples, trance and punk or metal, you know it’s a great unique mix, and Sumo Cyco make it their own.

Love You Wrong opens up the album with some tough back up vocals, and feels like an Anime intro song, so, do we love this song? It would be wrong to hate it right? It’s a nice start for what’s to come.

Bystander, the 2nd song, is right in your face with it’s slick riffs, fast tempo and catchy hooks. It’s truly one for a circle pit.

Vertigo is up next. it starts with a whole lot of club, house sounds then breaks out into a slow, but steady paced verse and a lively chorus. This song has single written all over it. There’s a nice hook to take this song home, upbeat and sweet.

Bad news comes off as a bit like The Prodigy in the beginning, but comes into it’s own. This one really captures the core of this amazing genre.

No Surrender is in at 5, we have that awesome synth start things up and go into a bit of a bopping moment, until the teeth are beared and the thunder strikes. We have a bit of an anthem here, or something to enter a room with.

M.I.A – we’re halfway, and we’ve learnt that the band have it all, Skye’s vocals are amazing, clean, a bit rough and raw (suiting for punk/metal) and she works so well with the the riffs by Matt “MD13” Drake –guitar/vocals, Matt Trozzi-drums and Oscar Anesetti-bass/vocals, all of which are fluent and they hit the spot. M.I.A is a nice time to breathe, because Cyclone gets PROGRESSIVE with it’s opening, just like the storm it’s named after, then the verse gets a little mathematical. The main part of the song is the leading drive force. The verse is like someone trying to break a code. Cyclone is THE BIG one of the pack.

Run With The Giants starts off like a reggae number, this song is a surprise after the hard hitting, but we get that awesome fist pumping headbanging hook, into a soft verse. It’s like, you could line dance to this track, then break into a mosh or slam dance.

Overdrive, this song is a bit laid back, and again could be a single, gives the neck a good workout.

Power and control, with an easy going verse and a pick up with the chorus, Power and control is a nice mix of emotion.

This Dance is Doomed is the final track and boy, it is a great way to end the album. It has attitude, a skipping drum beat, everything put in for a fine send off.

For something fresh in the new year, a 10 all round. Theres personality with each song, and the strength builds, so the order of songs was well planned and top performances by all members. 


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