Michael Fulkerson – Full Metal Pitbull (2021)

Full Metal Pitbull is the new album by Michael Fulkerson, a metal head who has done time in prison, but kept his dream alive with passion even if his soul was killed, lost faith and was made a martyr.

A scapegoat to some, but with his love for music, Michael has given us his story in a very interesting way. When one does time hard, or their life gets harder, where better to turn and tune. METAL, and what metal did Michael go for? INDUSTRIAL. So, Full Metal Pitbull is said to be for fans of Ministry and Fear Factory, and you can see why due to a little reference to the latter’s 2 classic songs. Michael needed just one fix, having dealt with thieves.

Falsely accused a metal head is the opening song, and with it’s spoken word verses, gives the song a unique touch. It’s like a pledge, a speech, backed with solid strong music. The song is well mixed, we can hear Michael’s emotion, pain in his voice and the music suits that making the impact powerful.

Falsely accused a metal head 2 is next, and it follows Michael’s journey, and the song is very much the same, which is fine as its continuing from the opening.

The culture shock of a metal head comes in at 3rd place. Ok, the music is pretty fresh and new, with similarities to the other 2 tracks, giving us a bit of a concept feel. Michael still uses his spoken word/speech, and this is his thing and makes it work. We learn of how he was scared, suffered. How Michael was given one sentence, then more. Asking for guidance and help from Lucifer. Full metal pit-bull, the title track, with the awesome line ‘’I’m not a fucking Chihuahua, I’m a pit-bull, A FULL METAL PITBULL’’ Tough lines, with some sweet relaxed music. It’s more trance than in your face metal, but different, catchy. Just not the same, the music is like Evanescence/Linkin Park.

Michael is giving his all to us now, explaining all his past, not knowing true love for years, all this taken away, going through all levels of hell, and life. Coming back with this album, 1 man, who became dead to god, sided with Lucifer, now, is back, given a new life, chances (they happen, we all do time, either in a cell, or as a metaphor) Michael doesn’t use metaphors, he uses LIFE’s experience, and lets us know through his music and those statements from his heart, mind and we feel his power.

Original pit-bull of metal, so, with some light and happy music, Michael is sharing more of his story and love of heavy metal, how it’s in his blood, keeps him strong, really smart here, it’s very interesting to learn from this man’s experience. Ascending the Qliphoth, a very different song, the vocal work has an effect, like it’s in a court room, or interview room. Maybe addressing the people and the music has a very vibrant feel to it.

There isn’t really much Ministry or Fear factory sounds here, very little hints, but we do have some experimental sounds, and each song has it’s own flavour, hard and heavy to light. Metal head serving life, gets back into the groove, and this song is all about a metal head’s love for the music, going over the world and kicking ass. Proud metal head, let them swears fly Michael, and the music, the time signatures, the drums, amazing work, distinctive and odd, and the riffs, driving rich riffs and some piano/keys for a nice touch.

Last song is In the end my turn, the song sounds like it’s from Doom, which is a great influence, and life, doing time, is a game, one can gamble, either win, or lose, but Michael has won, he had his turn, now his life has turned around, like when playing roulette. Michael was the ball and he got spun around, just like the hair of every metal head rocking out to Michael’s new album.

Great job Michael; this is the most creative take with your performance and thank you for sharing your story.



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