Ella Hooper Live at Sooki Lounge, 8/01/21

Zoe Fox was the opening act for the night at the Sooki Lounge. Usually with her band Zoe fox and the clocks, tonight, this bright young artist went solo. Giving the people (who had filled the venue) a bit of history about her songs, this set us up for a fun time. Past relationships, experiences, feelings and improvisation were the core of each song, and they were beautiful, fun, a bit cheeky yet clever. Zoe is a calm and collected when performing, her clean soft voice blends well with her guitar playing. Zoe has her gigs well scouted, and tonight she gave the crowd a special song, her NEWEST. This was written during lockdown, it’s a touching song about being born and having the best love from her mother. What made it wonderful is the extra love Zoe has for the music. But, who knew ( after this majestic song), who knew that hearing the idea of fists and cuffs was about thinking of hitting someone, getting arrested and microwaves… Yes, microwaves, a song made up on the spot on New Years Eve. What a genius idea. After a cover, which was thought to be her last song, but Zoe wanted to finish with her own ( very smart) so she snuck in one, and made sure the people danced to make it a fine finish.

Ella Hooper was back in action tonight at the Sooki Lounge in Belgrave as part of her Victoria only solo tour. Ella brought the grace and flare to the stage with her sweet smile which kisses our hearts. There’s a great turn out at the venue, and the crowd was treated to new songs, a selection of covers, some older solo tracks and a tune from Ella’s other band, The Verses. During lockdown, Ella had been busy with her NEW songs from her upcoming NEW album. A country album, which sounds lovely and very promising, thanks to the new tunes. Having of been part of the scene since her teens, Ella has adapted to numerous genres, from alt rock, pop punk, to how her music is now. It’s proof Ella is a super star and remains fantastic to her fans, interacting, telling jokes and proving top notch entertainment with love. Even when not with her band, Ella put on a killer show, there’s no hiding, you got to see Ella smiling and rock out with her. Ella shared some great stories about growing up, losing the dreads and touring with Fleetwood Mac, also sharing her ideas of stepping into the country genre, to, live out a dream. There’s great passion here and more gigs set for this year. The crowd wanted more, and can this weekend at the Memo music hall, Archies creek hotel and Thornbury theatre.


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