Gorilla – Rock Our Souls Re-Issue (2020)

Not to be confused with Gorillaz (which is what kept coming up when I tried to research these guys lol), Gorilla is a 3 piece Heavy Psych band, originally in the 90s they were part of the original stoner wave. To be honest I came into this review a little terrified as this isn’t a genre I would usually seek out for myself. But you know what the kids say these days.. YOLO you only live once. So here I go.
Come On Now, the first track. Drum intro that was catchy and almost felt anthem like before ye ole eardrums get smashed by heavy guitar and a rather surprising vocal. The lyrics are good too even though you need to be really listening to grab them as the musical end of things is very much in your face.
Next up was Vulture Tree, catchy, echoy vocal and a rock drum and guitar not to be ignored. Wasn’t bad, lyrically maybe not as strong but there is plenty to love about this track.
Bludd Sucker up next and it was fast as hell.. i felt it was alright up until the chorusy bit, that was more annoying and cringy than anything else.
Next, Preying Menace. This track was a bit too droning on for my liking. Probably my least fav on the album.
Rock R Soles was next. Definitely had a rock and roll feel to it and wasn’t a half bad track.  Featuring enough tempo to keep you bopping.
Next one is Sand with its very dialed back intro which I actually really enjoyed. Then it progressed into a slower rock track. Infact it actually through off a sort of Black Sabbath vibe there for a bit, which was kinda cool.
Hot Cars was up next. Interesting intro about the Sex Pistols. The track felt old school and indeed was very Sex Pistols. Not bad.
Lastly, High n Mighty, which was fast and loud. But unfortunately the vocal killed it well and the lyrics. Pretty sad way to end a rather enjoyable album.
Overall I was pleasantly surprised by Gorilla and their album Rock Our Souls. Wasn’t as scary as I had myself believe it was going to be.
7 1/2- 10

Steph Suter-James.

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